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    Emergency/Triage Light

    Emergency/Triage lights are a newly patented technology available for the first time to nonmilitary personnel. Developed in conjunction with United States Special Operating Forces the E/T lights are a new triage device and method for use that offers a faster, easier, and more effective way of marking and prioritizing individuals for medical care at the scenes of various emergency situations such as natural disasters, plane crashes, train and automobile accidents and other mass-casualty incidents. E/T lights are easy to place and provide accurate information relating to a victims degree of injury.

    This improved triage tag system is easy to see in the dark, under water and in buried situations, where traditional tags have proven inadequate. Complete darkness and underwater settings prevent the cards from being read and certainly from being seen from a distance.

    Further, triage tagging is often performed under the most harried of conditions and the confusion is increased when smoke, dust and poor weather conditions obscure the ability to determine the triage status and to fill out a comment card in relation too. The E/T lights provide illuminated signals that visually provide the triage status of an injured person/animal at a distance and in low visibility settings such as in the rain, fog, snow, in areas of dense undergrowth and multiple other scenarios.

    E/T lights are "Combat proven' and have been used in actual mass casualty situations by US Air Force medics.

    In addition to being used as triage tags Emergency/Triage Lights can take the place of traditional emergency light sources such as chemical light sticks while offering numerous benefits over and above what the chemical light sticks offer.

    Available Colors:

    • Version 1 Infrared, Blinking Infrared, Red, Green, Blue
    • Version 2 Infrared, Red, Green & Blue (Blinking selection after each solid color)
    • Version 3 Red, Amber, Green & Blue (Solid colors, do not blink, locking feature activated)
    • Version 4 Red, Amber, Green & Blue (Blinking selection after each solid color, locking feature activated)
    • E/T Lights combine all triage conditions into one illuminated device (Red, Amber, Green, Blue)
    • E/T Lights are available in infrared
    • All versions have a last-selection memory
    • Version 3 and 4 have a selection lock to avoid inadvertent change of the color selection
    • E/T Lights last 3 to 8 days (dependent on color selection) continually on
    • E/T Lights last 7 to 12 days when set to a flashing selection
    • E/T Lights improve response times by support personnel especially during bad weather conditions and low light, no light situations
    • E/T Lights are reusable
    • E/T Lights are reprogrammable
    • E/T Lights reduce weight and volume carried by First Responders
    • E/T Lights reduce the cost for this type of equipment up to 97%
    • E/T Lights reduce landfill and disposal costs
    • E/T Lights are more environmentally friendly than chemical lights sticks. One E/T Light replaces over 70 blue colored chemical light sticks.
    • E/T Lights have a battery shelf life of 5 years