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Chlorine (Cl2) Gas Source for Cal 2000 LT, 1-25 ppm

Chlorine (Cl2) gas is a commonly used toxic gas found in many applications like water, wastewater, swimming pools and the chemical industry. Although the gas may be contained in a calibration gas cylinder, Chlorine has a relatively short shelf-life. A calibration gas generator, like the Cal 2000 LT, generates Cl2 on demand and serves as the best method for calibrating fixed or portable gas detectors that require Cl2.

Chlorine sources for the Cal 2000 LT are available as 10 or 25 hour cells and must be ordered with a set concentration from 1 - 25 ppm.

View complete Cal 2000 LT generator here.

Capacity PPM Range Part Number
10 hours
Specify 1-25 ppm 510-2000-LT
50 hours Specify 1-25 ppm 510-2005-LT
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