Con-Space CSI-1000 Victim Locator Kit

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Con-Space CSI-1000 Victim Locator Kit

The Victim Locator Kit is lightweight, portable, battery powered and can be operated by a single rescuer. Multiple Kits can be deployed simultaneously on the same site without interfering with each other. It is a completely stand alone system that gives a single Rescuer the ability to search a collapse. On location of a victim, two-way voice communication is established immediately.

CON-SPACE provides First Responders with a practical and affordable means of early detection, location of, and communication with, victims trapped within a collapsed structure. The Rescue Probe increases the capabilities of CON-SPACE Rescue Equipment Users.


The Rescue Probe is a full duplex TWO-WAY communication device with a sensitive omni-directional microphone, giving Rescuers the ability to hear victims as well as talk to them. The threading on the rear of the Probe accepts standard National Pipe Thread on 1" steel pipe (11.5 threads per inch).

Attaching metal or PVC pipe to the back of the Probe allows rescuers to push it deeply into a collapse horizontally or vertically, through holes, cracks, etc. and into voids where victims could be trapped.

The Probe is of very rugged Stainless Steel construction with a durable, high molecular weight nylon tip. All internal components of the Probe are completely watertight - it can be fully immersed in water without damaging internal components.

The diameter of the Probe body is 1.65" which allows it to pass easily through a 2" bore hole. Attaching a Steel or PVC pipe to the threaded rear section of the Rescue Probe extends its reach. This allows rescuers to push it deeply into a collapsed structure through holes, cracks, debris etc. and into voids and/or pockets where victims may be trapped.

The rescue probe is not a replacement for the Delsar LifeDetector (seismic and acoustic listening sensors), but rather an additional tool to assist with victim location and communication.

Made in the USA!Flag United States

Con-Space CSI-1000 Victim Locator Kit

1 CSI 1100 Mini Module
1 Rescue Probe
1 Probe Headset w/ Boom Mic Wind Screen
1 Face PVC Pipe Coupler
1 Rope Coupler
1 50' Probe Cord w/ Snap Hook
1 25' Probe Interface Cable
1 1' Mic Mute Cable
1 1000 Carry Case

Approvals:  Accessories are Intrinsically Safe Approved when powered by Energizer/Eveready E-91, EN-91 or Duracell MN-1500, PC-1500, 1.5V "AA" size alkaline batteries.

Certifications: Class I, II, III, DIV 1, Groups A, B, C, D, E, F, G; T3C

Con-Space CSI-1000 Victim Locator Kit

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