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HDP-6000 Hazmat Decon Pool - Disposable/Single Use

The Disposable Single Use Hazmat Decon Pool provides a means of collecting and containing the wash fluid utilized during decontamination. Designed for single incident use, the pool itself requires no decontamination; the cardboard frame allows the unit simply to be folded up and discarded in a salvage drum. The polyethylene liner (12 mil) is chemically resistant and impermeable. This lightweight unit (12 pounds) is compact for storage, measuring 60 inch x 21 inch x 3 inch, yet opens to a spacious working configuration of 60 inch x 60 inch x 12 inch that can hold up to 175 gallons. It is easily set up in less than 60 seconds and can be used as a decon pool or as a containment pool for leaking barrels.

Qty: 2/case

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