Item #: IMBS5050
Price: $139.00

    Imbiber Beads Absorbent Sand/Bead Highways Mix

    IMBIBER BEADS® Highways Mix™ is an ideal aBsorbent for containing organic liquids like crude oils, diesel fuels, jet fuels, gasoline, benzene, styrene, chlorinated solvents, xylene, and toluene.

    IMBIBER BEADS® are able to absorb up to 27x their original volume. The compatible chemical is held within the molecular structure of the IMBIBER BEADS® and completely eliminate the free liquid state. The Highways Mix is a cost-effective, superior performing product for containing fuel and solvent spills, sealing ditch areas, diking spills on hard surfaces, and protecting drains and sewers from contamination.

    For ease of transport, storage, and use, the Imbiber Beads sand/bead blend is stored in HDPE stackable containers with handles and pour spouts.

    Highways Mix Advantages:

    • Captures & contains spilled liquids completely and removes the risk of secondary contamination of personnel & environment; captured liquid cannot be released by any means.
    • Significantly reduces vapor concentrations in air (up to 600% less), in many cases to below lower explosive limit (LEL) minimizing risk of fire, explosion or inhalation of toxic fumes.
    • Each IMBIBER BEADS® is capable of aBsorbing up to 27 times it’s own volume making it the industry leader in sorption capacity.

    Imbiber Beads Absorbent Sand/Bead Highways Mix


    • Dimensions: HDPE Stackable Container
    • aBsorption Capacity: Up to 17 gallons per container
    • Quantity Per Drum: 25 pounds - 2.5 gallons