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WEATHERPAK TRx2 Emergency Response Weather Station

The WEATHERPAK® TRx2 offers the performance, ruggedness and reliability you would expect from a WEATHERPAK®, but at a reduced price.

The WEATHERPAK® TRx2 features an ultrasonic no moving-parts wind sensor (never needs calibration), professional grade air temperature and relative humidity sensors, and an electronic compass. The weather data is gathered, processed in the weather station, and then transmitted via UHF radio to a back-lit LCD display and your PC to automatically update plume models (CAMEO®/ALOHA®, etc.).

The WEATHERPAK® TRx2 can be deployed in less than one minute, by one person—without tools.


  • WEATHERPAK® is a wireless weather station made for portable use—self-contained with no cables or connectors.
  • Easy to set up—deployable by one person wearing protective gear in less than one minute—without tools.
  • Automatically updates CAMEO®/ALOHA®, ADASHI®, CoBRA® and other chemical plume modeling software every thirty seconds.
  • Computes five-minute running averages and wind stability calculation.
  • Designed for use in or near the hot-zone. Internal UHF radio relays data to plume model.
  • Automatically aligns to True North. Internal electronic compass eliminates alignment errors.
  • WEATHERPAK® weather stations are designed to withstand harsh environments, rough handling, and to provide many years of reliable service. Built of a special Mil-Spec grade aluminum, which is extremely rugged and resistant to corrosion, the WEATHERPAK® will survive a six foot drop to concrete and is water immersible (for decontamination, etc.). No plastic or PVC structural components. Tested and exceeds MIL-STD-810, MIL-STD-461*, MIL-STD-462.
  • Intrinsically safe electronics and non-sparking aluminum are your assurance that the WEATHERPAK® weather station will not create additional risks. In addition, the entire system is protected against RF and other electromagnetic interference.
  • Sturdy, durable, and easily deployable mil-spec aluminum tripod
  • Protective hard case for WeatherPak sensor and durable duffel bag for tripod

WEATHERPAK TRx2 Emergency Response Weather Station


  • Ultrasonic wind & speed direction (no moving parts)
  • Air Temperature
  • Relative Humidity

Display Type: Liquid Crystal

Communications UHF Radio (Spread Spectrum Optional)

Mounting: 3 meter tripod

Storage: Hard case for WEATHERPAK sensor, duffel bag for tripod

Power: 9 D-Cell Alkaline (2-3 day continuous operation)


  • Self-Aligning Compass
  • Electronics Hermetically Sealed/Submersible for Decontamination
  • Rugged – Meets Environmental MIL-STD-810F & 461C
  • Hot Zone Deployable
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