Item #: NI-100

Quest NI-100 Noise Indicator 10 pack

The Noise Indicator N1-100 is designed to alert users to hazardous noise levels. It clips to clothing and uses a LED light to offer real-time noise detection, signaling when hearing protection may be required.

The noise indicator's small size and lightweight design make it ideal for workers in a variety of industries. With a rechargeable battery that operations for up to 200 hours between charges, it's an economical investment in your hearing conservation program

The NI-100 can be used as an effective training tool within a Hearing Conservation Program (consult OSHA Standard 1910.95) to help ensure workers know when and where to wear hearing protection. Safety and health professionals can also use it as a mapping tool to determine where noise studies are necessary.

In a variable noise environment, the Noise Indicator can help train workers as to when noise levels become potentially hazardous and hearing protection may be required.

  • Red Flashing LED indicates noise levels are above 85 DBA and hearing protection may be required.
  • Green Flashing LED indicates noise levels are below 85 DBA and hearing protection may not be necessary.

Noise Indicator NI-100 includes:

  • 10 each Noise Indicators
  • User Instructions translated into languages for United States, Canadian and Latin American Regions.
Battery Life200 hours
Device AttachmentBadge Clip
Microphone Class / TypeType 2
Net Weight0.6 Ounce
Power SourceLithium Polymer
Product TypeNoise Detector
Recommended ApplicationCleaning, Grinding, Health & Safety Testing,
Sanding, Welding
Recommended IndustryAutomotive, Construction, Food & Beverage
Manufacturing, Manufacturing, Metal Production
& Fabrication, Military Maintenance, Repair &
Operation (MRO), Mining, Oil & Gas,
Pharmaceutical, Transportation
Standards / ApprovalsCE
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