Item #: Sentry EC

Sentry EC

The Radiation Alert® Sentry is a Personal Alarming Dosimeter / Ratemeter designed to ensure the safety of personnel that work in occupations with potential x-ray or gamma exposure.

The pocket sized unit has built in memory for recording data points for tracking accumulated exposure. The Sentry Software option enables you to generate incident reconstruction for analysis. The software also permits you to easily set the vibrating and audio alert to your desired levels for dose and dose rate.

Use the audio switch to choose between audible clicks or a discreet silent mode that can be augmented with the use of headphones.SentryCom Software The optional SentryCom Software enables you to easily integrate The Sentry into your radiation safety program by allowing you to select the thresholds for dose and dose rate alarms / warnings. Learn more about this software

Detector Energy Compensated GM Tube
Dose Rate Linearity Better than ±15% up to 15 R
Energy Response Down to 20 KeV
Accuracy Typically ±15% of reading (Cs-137)
Gamma Sensitivity 1.5 cps / mR / hr (Co-60)
Switch Functions Power, Vibrate & Audible Alert, Silent Vibrating
Only Alert, and Audio Clicks On / Off
Operating Range Dose Rate: 0.1 mR / hr - 15 R / hr
(1 µSv/hr - .15 Sv / hr)
Accumulated Dose: 0.1 mR - 65 R
(1 µSv - .65 Sv)
Audible Alarms Accumulated Dose & Dose Rate, 90db @ 1 ft.
Alarm Thresholds Default: Dose 500 mR / Rate 50 mR/hr
Sievert Option:
Dose 5000 µSv / Rate 500 µSv/hr
Alarm and warning levels are user selectable
with the optional SentryCom Software
Power Requirements 9-Volt Alkaline Battery approx. 1500 hrs at
normally background
Enclosure Alodized Aluminum Housing w/
Metal Belt Clip
Outputs Mini-USB
Temperature Range -20° -+ 50°C (-4° -+ 122°F)
Weight 243 g (8.6 oz)
Size 106 x 67 x 28 mm (4.2 x 2.7 x 1.1 in.)
Limited Warranty 1 year limited

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