The Rescue Basic High Angle Belay System Kit

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The Rescue Basic High Angle Belay System Kit

The Belay system kit includes:

  • 3 large D shaped rescue carabiners (P/N - SRCA641)-NFPA approved Class G
  • 200 ft (61m) 1/2 rope, orange and white (P/N - SRP5048660L)-NFPA approved
  • 33 ft (10m) 9mm accessory cord (P/N - SRP500900) for making load-release hitch
  • 65 (1.65m) 8mm accessory cord & 53 (1.35m) accessory cord(P/N - SRP500860) make-up the tandem Prusiks 6ft (1.8m) Suretyman anchorage sling (P/N - SFP22674-06)
  • no. 3 rope bag, orange (P/N - SRB430301)

Approvals and Standards

Applicable ANSI and OSHA requirements.

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