Zytron 500 NFPA 1994/2012 Edition Class 2 Certified Encapsulating Suit

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Item #: Z5HTN-C2
MFG: Kappler
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Zytron 500 NFPA 1994/2012 Edition Class 2 Certified Encapsulating Suit

Replaced by P/N Z5H582-9C2RPBC

NFPA 1994/2012 Edition Class 2 Certified Suit - Totally encapsulated front entry, expanded back, sock boots with boot flaps. Faceshield 40 mil PVC w/ 5 mil FEP overlay. 2N1™ Glove System. Heat Sealed / Taped Seams Inside & out. 1/Cs

Zytron fabrics are engineered to provide military personnel and their equipment with chemical protection. These lightweight film composites are available in several styles, each demonstrating an increased level of chemical resistance ranging from hazardous particles to warfare agents. Chemical permeation data, per ASTM F739 test method, is available against Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TIC's) and additional data is available for Sarin, Mustard and other warfare agents. Products made from Zytron fabrics can be constructed without adhesive, using a unique sewn and heat sealed seam that is liquid and/or vapor proof. Applications for Zytron include aircraft and tank covers, tents, shelters and contaminated remains bags.

Level A Encapsulating Chemical/Biological Protective Ensemble meets the requirements of NFPA 1994, Standard on Protective ensembles for Chemical Biological Terrorism Incidents, Terrorism Incidents, 2001 Edition, Class 2

Level A Suit Features:

  • The same barrier protection is provided inside and out
  • Seams are sewn and heat sealed identically - on both sides with chemical seam tape
  • Standard easy change twist lock glove system
  • Glove system includes Butyl outer gloves and Ansell Barrier inner gloves
  • Internal 2 waist belt
  • Roomy tapered sleeves provide easy mobility
  • Easy to reach 48 (122cm) zipper has double overlapping storm flaps with hook & loop closure
  • Two covered one-way exhaust valves
  • Extra wide face shield of 40 mil PVC with 5 mil FEP overlay lens
  • Removable interior left chest pocket with hook & loop closure

Feature Details:

  • Sock boots with flared boot flaps for easy donning and doffing. Boot flaps have hemmed edges.
  • Removable internal left chest pocket accommodates pens, paper, wipes, PDA, etc. Pocket attaches to suit with hook and loop.
  • Gas-tight PVC zipper covered by a double storm flap with hook and loop closures.
  • Expanded width face shield of 40 mil PVC with 5 mil FEP overlay lens.
  • Twist lock glove system for easily changing outer glove.
  • Heavy canvas storage bag with web handles, shoulder strap and side pocket.

Military Applications:

  • EOD
  • Missile Armament Refueling
  • CWA Incineration / Remediation / Disposal
  • Missile Silo Maintenance Inspection Activities