SCBA Cylinder Storage Rack

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SCBA Cylinder Storage Rack

Secure your SCBA cylinders in the station and protect them from casual damage with this solid and attractive SCBA cylinder storage rack. The rack features polished diamond plate aluminum and sturdy cylinder tubes.

The SCBA cylinder rack is available for mobile applications such as fire trucks and mobile air trailers. Pass-through removable front and rear doors also available for air trailer side door cylinder transfers. Contact us for more details!

Options Available:
12 Cylinder Rack
(P/N AC70032-12)
26 1/2" w x 26 1/2" d x 35" h
300 lbs.
15 Cylinder Rack
(P/N AC70032)
26 1/2" w x 26 1/2" d x 43 1/2" h
390 lbs.
18 Cylinder Rack
(P/N AC70032-18)
26 1/2" w x 26 1/2" d x 50" h
475 lbs.
*Picture shown with optional mobile dolly & removable front door. Both are available for mobile SCBA cylinder transporting.

SCBA Cylinder Storage Rack

There are no reviews yet.

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