Panorama CDR 4500

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Item #: R55440
MFG: Draeger
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Panorama CDR 4500

CBRN approved chemical warfare respirator, black plastic lens frame, universal size

CBRN approved The CDR 4500 Full Face Respirator is a CBRN approved respirator which is designed for law enforcement and military applications.

CBRN approved single-visor full face mask for use with our Cap1 canister (10 - 12 Year Shelf Life) in potentially hazardous environments (below IDLH levels).

Combination filter specially designed for protection in civil defense: CBRN Cap1 canister in black.

The new Drager CDR 4500 full-face mask offers complete protection of the respiratory organs and face from harmful gases and particles in the ambient air. The elastomer mask body is extremely resistant to chemicals and mechanical impact. The emergency response teams appreciate its simple handling, outstanding comfort and excellentf it for a wide range of head and face sizes. A neck strap is supplied as standard.

The centrally located and standard NATO canister connection ensures a good balance and prevents the mask slipping on the face evenduring prolonged use. The lens provides a large, distortion free field of vision, while the integrated speech diaphragm enables clear man-to-man communication. The specially chosen materials and first-class workmanship ensures a high standard of quality and long service life. The mask is tested and approved to NIOSH CBRN.

The CDR 4500, combined with our CBRN Cap 1 canister provides proven protection from a wide variety of potentially hazardous situations. The combination has passed rigorous chemical permeation and penetration resistance tests using sarin and mustard gases. The ten gases that the Cap 1 canister has been tested against represent protection from approximately 140 different gases, in addition to theP100 particulate protection. This versatile mask and filter combination represents an important part of the personal protective equipment for emergency response teams.

This Panorama unit is a CBRNE approve unit. One attribute of the cartridge is that it has a 10 to 12 year shelf life which is the longest shelf life for any CBRNE approved cartridge on the market.

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