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Custom Air V Escape Respirator

In the event of a spill or release of toxic material, the worker can quickly retract the protective cover, turn on the air cylinder valve, remove and don the hood, and leave the hazardous area. The Custom Air V Escape Respirator supplies a continuous flow of air to the hood from the compressed-air cylinder.

For personnel who may need to escape from atmospheres that are made immediately dangerous to life and health (IDLH) by high concentrations of toxic gases or vapors, or by oxygen deficiency. The lightweight unit can either be carried by the worker or mounted on a wall nearby. The unit features a high flow rate of 72 liters per minute (lpm), and meets stringent air-flow requirements for extremely aerobic escape applications. The hood is made of flexible urethane and can be worn over beards, glasses, etc.

Includes: cylinder, carrier, hood tube, and hood assembly