TrakBAND Bar Coded Wrist Band

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TrakBAND Bar Coded Wrist Band

Use this versatile bar coded, waterproof wrist band to track just about anybody or anything.

  • Mass Evacuation
  • Family Reunification
  • Assistance Center
  • Everyday Patient Tracking
  • Hospital/Corporate Visitor Tracking
  • Nursing Home Resident Tracking
  • Disaster Victim Tracking
  • Student Tracking
  • Pandemic Flu Tracking
  • Mass Vaccination Tracking
  • Ambulatory Patient Tracking
  • Pet Tracking
  • Livestock & Agriculture Tracking etc.

TrakBAND is Available in 10 different colors. Packaged 100 per pack.

  • 05315Y TrakBAND - Yellow
  • 05315B TrakBAND - Blue
  • 05315S TrakBAND - Slate Gray
  • 05315L TrakBAND - Lavender
  • 05315G TrakBAND - Gold


  • Wrap band around person's wrist, peel off adhesive backing from the waist band section ONLY, leaving the adhesive strips on stickers 1 and 2 covered. Adhere the exposed adhesive on the wrist band section to the other end of the TrakBAND to secure to person's wrist.
  • Login transport information on Tracking Log, remove Bar Coded Sticker 1 and affix to Tracking Log.
  • Login person as they are received at destination, take Car Coded Sticker 2 and affix to destination's Tracking Log.

Note: There are many different methods that can be used to track whatever you need to track using TrakBAND. We have several types of Tracking Log Pads available, or you can create your own tracking log.

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