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NIMS/ICS Campus Command Kit - 13 Position

The Campus Command Kit from DMS (Disaster Management Systems) was designed as an all risk tool to help schools prepare for ultra violent incidents. The kit provides schools and private industry with the ability to self-help in the event of a major disaster. Often when disaster strikes an immediate response by emergency services is not possible.

The Campus Command kit can be a substantial aid in helping civilian responders organize until help arrives. The kit supports the Standard Emergency Management System which mirrors the Incident Command System. This provides seamless integration of school, fire and police resources as they arrive. The kit also promotes interaction between school and fire department personnel.

This can be accomplished through annual preplans where fire, police and school staff can predetermine command post, medical group, student care, and command staff locations.

The NIMS/ICS Campus Command Kit includes:
  • 13 - Position Vests:
    • Campus Incident Commander
    • Campus Safety Officer
    • Campus Public Information
    • Campus Liaison
    • Campus Operations Chef
    • Campus Logistics Chief
    • Campus Plans Chief
    • Campus Finance Chief
    • Campus Search and Rescue Group Supervisor
    • Campus Medical Group / Supervisor
    • Campus Student Release Group Supervisor
    • Campus Care Group Supervisor
  • 5 - 12" x 24" Color Coded Flags with 2" Letters to immediately identify the following areas:
    • Campus Command Post
    • Campus Search and Rescue Group
    • Campus Medical Group
    • Campus Care and Supervision Group
    • Campus Release Group
  • Standardized Emergency Management System (SEMS) Responsibility Sheets for Each Position
  • Inventory Checklist Sheet
  • Carry Bag for Components with Handles and Shoulder Strap
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