Salvage Master Water Vacuum

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Salvage Master Water Vacuum

The Salvage Master is a fire department's best public relations too. Respond to serious flooding problems caused by high water, broken water lines, broken water pipes, broken washer water hoses, etc., with a portable water vacuum that works great by removing water fast, before it causes serious damage to the structure.

See the eyes of homeowners and business owners light up when they see and hear the Salvage Master water vacuum in operation.

The Salvation Master's easy dump valve allows collected water to be dumped in a drain, bath tub, commode, out a window, out a door or down a kitchen sink drain.

Your fire department will get more letters of appreciation from using the Salvage Master than any other salvage tool available.

  • Six gallon water capacity.
  • GFI electrical protection included so the operator doesn't curl their hair.

Salvage Master Water Vacuum

There are no reviews yet.

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