STOPOUT® StopPlug™ AC Plug Lockout

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STOPOUT® StopPlug™ AC Plug Lockout

Lowest Priced Universal Plug Lockout Device Available!

StopPlug™ prevents unauthorized, accidental plug-in of a power cord leading to equipment and machinery. Simply insert the electrical cord through the side opening of StopPlug™ and lock it out.

Thick-wall, tamper-resistant, hinge-style design completely encloses the plug and lines up lock hole tabs; to lockout - secure with padlock and lockout tag to render the plug unusable. Write-on 'Danger' label on the outside provides additional warning and identifies the responsible person. Case is universal "stop" octagon shape in safety red. The all plastic construction is dielectric and RoHS compliant and resists temperature variations.

Multi-Plug Lockout- fits most 110, 220, 550 or 600 VAC plugs up to 2 1/2"H x 2 1/2"W c 5 1/2"L with cord up to 1" dia. Overall size is 3"H x 3"W x 6"L

STOPOUT® StopPlug™ AC Plug Lockout

There are no reviews yet.

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