Item #: ED9002
$523.90 Was: $578.20

8" 1/3HP Confined Space Blower-Exhauster 862 CFM

This 8"/20cm Blower/Exhauster is powerful, yet in a compact size and lightweight. High pressure axial blower with ultra-quiet operation. Corrosion-proof, dent-resistant and virtually indestructible. Double-walled UV resistant polyethylene housing. Thermal switch provides overheat protection. DC-15'/4.6m cord with battery clips. Horsepower rating based upon maximum speed / load.

  • Powerful, compact size and lightweight
  • High pressure axial blower with ultra-quiet operation
  • Corrosion-proof, dent-resistant and virtually indestructible
  • Double-walled UV resistant polyethylene housing
  • Thermal switch provides overheat protection
  • 15'/4.6m AC power cord
  • 15'/4.6m DC power cord w/ battery clips
  • IMPA Code: ED7002-591406
Model: UB20 (12V)
Free Air - 15 ft/4.6m 1 - 90° turn - 15 ft/4.6m 2 - 90° turns: 862 cfm- 695 cfm- 586 cfm
Duct Adapter (s): 1
Impeller: 9-blade
Weight: 17 lbs
Dimensions (h/w/d): 14/12/13 in
Noise: 74 dB
Motor: 0.25Hp / 0.19kW
Electric: 12V DC
Amps - Run/Start 11.5A
Notes: Airflow Certified by Colorado Experimental Engineering Statino, Inc. (CEESI)