UCF 7000 Thermal Imaging Camera

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MFG: Draeger
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UCF 7000 Thermal Imaging Camera

The Draeger UCF 7000 thermal imaging camera is intrinsically safe (UL Class 1, Division 2) and offers new levels of security and reliability in potentially hazardous settings. Technologically advanced yet easy to use with one hand, the UCF 7000 provides first responders peace of mind with rapid accurate and clear imaging in any hazardous situation.


  • Detailed images provided by 160 x 120 pixels resolution and 2X zoom allow faster decision making
  • UL Class 1 Division 2 design is intrinsically safe
  • Application modes allow the user to enhance the camera's sensitivity to any area of interest
  • Brightness sensor adapts the display to all lighting conditions
  • Integrated laser pointer pinpoints hazards and aids communications
  • Snapshot function allows freeze frame imaging to difficult areas
  • Lightweight and ergonomic design helps minimize fatigue
  • ThermalScan feature highlights images at set temperature thresholds for easier hotspot identification
  • Integrated video and sound recording supports safety training and more

It's good to know that the camera you're carrying is safe to use when entering into a hazardous area. The Draeger UCF 70000 thermal imaging camera is intrinsically safe (UL Class 1 Division 2) and provides peace of mind and increased ability to focus on the mission. The UCF 7000 is equipped with a host of innovative features designed to provide high image quality, improved ergonomics and other benefits in emergency response situations. The result is a high performance thermal imaging camera that is rugged, innovative and easy to use. with Draeger "Going in Prepared" means having the best technology and equipment available to help first responders meet any challenges they face.

Thermal imaging cameras from Draeger are invaluable tools that aid personal navigation when fire, smoke and darkness create a challenging and dangerous environment. These innovative cameras are designed to help emergency responders navigate difficult settings, locate persons and hotspots, and protect personal safety.

The Draeger UCF 7000 sets new standards in safety, reliability, ease of use, and operational support in demanding emergency settings. The UCF 7000 is equipped with innovative features designed to meet the requirements of today's professional emergency response personnel. The UCF 7000 is easy to use and delivers excellent image quality with application-specific displays designed to enhance image clarity and facilitate emergency situation assessment.

Using the Draager UCF 7000 means one hand is always free, an invaluable benefit that promotes safety and ease of use while allowing maximum freedom of movement for the user. The compact and well balanced UCF 7000 weighs only 2.9 pounds, making it easy to use the camera safely and utilize its functionality to the fullest extent in highly stressful situations. A sturdy detachable "crawling plate" allows the user to brace the camera on the ground, providing an additional movement option. The UCF 7000 offers various carrying options for optimal comfort and portability.

The Draeger UCF 7000 provides excellent image quality in settings where visibility is extremely limited. The resolution of 160 x 120 pixels and 2 x zoom provides detailed images in any setting, allowing rooms, hallways and other areas immediate vicinity to be searched quickly and safely. With the "application mode" (application specific operating modes), the UCF 7000 makes it possible to optimize the image display for the specific task at hand. For example, the camera display can be optimized for finding persons or sources of fire. Three operating modes are quickly selected at the push of a button:

  • Fire (firefighting)
  • Persons (search and rescue)
  • ThermalScan (highlight a set temperature threshold that is great for searching for hotspots during overhaul)

This flexibility provides emergency responders with the most useful information in any situation.

Optimized image processing provides a quick overview in just seconds. The "snapshot" function provides a temporary freeze frame thermal image which can then be viewed on the display. This feature makes it possible to "see around corners" when the freedom of movement of field of view are limited and allows users to assess particularly difficult areas quickly and safely.

The integrated laser pointer promotes safety and aids communication by allowing users to point out the location of hot spots and other hazards and define the path of attack for other team members.

The UCF 7000 offers high temperature resolution in the hottest environments. This feature makes it possible to detect cooler objects such as people in the vicinity of a fire with the best possible resolution. Integrated video and sound recording capabilities are part of the UCF 7000 delivery scope.

The UCF 7000 is robust and rugged for extended use in the most hostile environments. With an extremely durable housing, the UCF 7000 is heat resistant and withstands mechanical stresses with ease, and has a high protection classification IP 67 and is resistant to water, dust and other contaminants typically encountered during emergency response situations. Modern lithium-ion battery technology provides the UCF 7000 with up to four hours of operating time giving users peace of mind during extended operations.

An explosive atmosphere is always a concern on calls where there is no fire. In this setting, the equipment cannot be a source of ignition. The UCF 7000 is the tool of choice for use in these types of situations. The camera is intrinsically safe and approved for potentially explosive atmospheres including zone 1 according to ATEX.

The UCF 7000 is supplied with a standard USB 2.0 interface by default, making it possible to configure the camera and transfer the thermal images directly to a PC. images and video sequences recorded for documentation purposes can also be transferred to a PC.

Dimensions of camera
(B x H x T)
125 x 260 x 110 mm
Display TechnologyLiquid crystal display (LCD)
Display Size (diagonal)9 cm (3.5")
Protection classIP 67
Infrared-specs.Type of Sensor: a-Si Microbolometer Array
Resolution: 160 x 120 pixel
IR spectral: 7 to 14 μm
Temp. sensitivity: typically 0.035° C
Picture frequency: 50 Hz
OpticsFocus: from 1 m to infinity
Field of view: Horizontal - 47° / Vertical - 32° /
Diagonal 62°
Operation time
(at 23°C)
w/ battery - typically 4 hours
Temperature measurementDigital temperature display: -40°C ... 1,000°C
Battery technologyRechargeable li-ion batteries
Battery displayPrecise 4-level battery indicator
ApprovalsMeets the following explosion protection

Class I, Div. 2, Groups A,B,C,D, Class I, Zone 1,
Ex ib IIC T4