Complete Air Inflatable/Pneumatic Mass Casualty Decon Shower System

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Item #: DAT4070S-SYS
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Complete Air Inflatable/Pneumatic Mass Casualty Decon Shower System

Capacity 4 line, 3 or 4 stage Mass Casualty Decontamination Shower System.


Quantity 1- DAT4070S

DAT4070S Portable Pneumatic Hazmat Decon Shower - 4 line 3 or 4 Mass casualty Decon Shower System, decons 4 non-ambulatory, 4 to 8 ambulatory, or any combination, approx 14.5' W x 23' L X 9' H - 340 lbs., Undress/Detergent Shower/Rinse Shower/Redress configuration, 4' L undress area/ 15' L shower area/4' redress area approx. 330 sq. ft.

Quantity 2- F-Z100WH

# 5170 Pro-100 Water Heating System, portable wheeled, 105,000 + BTU propane powered unit, 65 lbs./30 Kg w. cart. 14" L X 13" W X 40" H/35 X 33 X 101 cm, approx. Approx. 5.0 gpm/300 gallons per hour (20 lpm/1,200 lph) of heated water FSI does not recommend for use with other than the smaller DAT?? series showers such as the DAT??1010S/2020S/2525S/26265S. For larger FSI DAT?? series units FSI recommends multiple F-Z100WH units or the purchase of the larger capacity FSI heat 200 water heater. If purchased for use with larger capacity FSI DAT?? series showers with more than one water inlet, FSI strongly recommends the purchase of the F-Z5191 extra hose as below. Can increase water temp. by 50-70 degrees F

Quantity 4- F-HSP

4 gallon poly tank, decontamination hand sprayer with 48" hose and 18" wand w. brass adjustable cone nozzle -- 40-90 psi operating pressure

Quantity 4- F-GH

FSI LayFlat Hose - Soft sided Garden Hose X 50 per length 300 psi layflat hose, coupled 3/4" GHT

Quantity 1- F-MMU

Multi Manifold unit w. choice of 1 - 1.5 OR 2.5 Female swivel NST inlet X 3 OR 6 3/4 GHT Male outlets w. shutoffs to feed multiple showers. Fabricated of sch. 80 alum. pipe, w. ends of 3/16' 5052 alum; ball valves of brass. ** 1.5" X 3 - 3/4" GHT will be supplied as standard unless otherwise specified

Quantity 4 F-RS

Conveyor roller system priced per section. 18" W , H adjustable from 28 - 44" H Adjustable from 2 9 n L approx., 3 leg sets/unit, 7 wheels/axle, capacity per lineal foot is 226 pounds; can support approx. 1,300 pounds on a backboard; w. retractable backboard end stops. Shipped dimensions are 33" H X 48"W X 40" L Wt. 150 lbs.

Quantity 1- F-EM-8

Adult FSI Disposable Backboard, w. 4 straps & Head Immobilizer - box of 5

Quantity 4- F-1225-0500-STL

25 Watt fluorescent stringable lighting W/O switch. 2,200 lumens, 20,000 hr. rated, polycarb. small dia. outer tube w. domed end caps/water tight clamps, 5' power cord on one end and 1' lead wire with outlet on the other end, 120 VAC ballast inline, all NEMA rated, vinyl reflector directs light where needed. RECOMMENDED FOR ALL LARGER SHELTER SYSTEMS, SURGE SHELTERS, OR WHEREVER STRINGABLE ATTACHED LIGHTING IS DESIRED.

Quantity 1- F-WSP33AA

1/4 HP electric submersible WASTE PUMP, auto start, plastic case, thermal auto reset 30 gpm

Quantity 16 F-TDMSPC

Haz mat Decon Elevation Grid, 3X 2 X 2 7/8" H

Quantity 1 - F-HST

Air Heating System for FSI SHELTERS. CLIMAT 40A 136,000 BTU, 110 V, w. thermostat diesel # 1 and # 2/kerosene/home heating oil fuel powered. W.12" X 25' Heavy Duty Ducting. With built in 10 gallon fuel tank ** will operate on both 50 or 60 Hz with no performance degradation

Quantity 1- F-EM5500

9 HP portable Generator, 5500 surge/4500 continuous watts, oil alert, panel has 2 - 120 and 2 - 20 amp outlets, and one 20 Amp, 120/240 v. twist lock outlet approx. 32" L X 24" W X 22" H, 6.5 gallon tank = 9 hours at full load, 203 lbs. F-EM5500 as standard has no wheel or handle kit included.

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