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Color Comparator for SafeAir Monitoring Badges

For higher resolution and wider range, the SafeAir badges can be used with the SafeAir color comparator. Slide the SafeAir badge with the exclamation point facing up into the color comparator and turn the wheel until the colors match. Read the exposure close dose in the exposure dose window.

For use with SafeAir Monitoring Badges.

Badge: Aromatic Isocyantates (P/N 382001-50)
Comparator: TDI (P/N 383005)

Badge: Chlorine (P/N 382009-50)
Comparator: Chlorine (P/N 383010)

Badge: Hydrogen Chloride (P/N 382024-50)
Comparator: Hydrogen Chloride (P/N 383008)

Badge: Phosgene (P/N 382000-50)
Comparators: Phosgene Normal Range (P/N 383000), Extended Range (P/N 383007), Chloroformates (P/N 383002)

Badge: Phosgene-Dura (P/N 382065-50)
Comparator: Phosgene-Dura (P/N 383022)

Badge: Phosgene-Medi (P/N 82060-50)
Comparator: Phosgene-Dura (P/N 383020)

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