Haz-Mat Simultest Kit

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Item #: 4056098
MFG: Draeger
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Haz-Mat Simultest Kit

4056098 | Draeger Haz-Mat Simultest Kit

Designed primarily for the municipal fire service and other emergency responders, this kit quickly identifies and quantifies a wide range of chemical substances using the Drager Simultaneous Test Sets. The Simultaneous Test Sets are sets of five specially matched DragerTubes designed to be the fastest, simplest and most comprehensive means hazardous material identification. The Haz-Mat Simultest Kit includes three Simultaneous Test Set Kits for measuring 15 different Organic and Inorganic chemicals and/or chemical families. With each set requiring less than one-minute analysis time, the entire process takes less than 5 minutes to complete.

The Haz-Mat Simultest Kit includes:

  • Accuro bellows pump
  • Spare parts kit for accuro bellows pump
  • Simultaneous tests sets (sets I, II, III)
  • 1-Meter extension hose with adapter,
  • Simultaneous test set opener
  • Individual tube opener
  • Air current kit
  • Laminated instruction cards with full color graphics
  • Rugged Pelican carrying case that protects the kit contents
(Click on part number to view sets individually)
8101735 Simultaneous Test Set I (3 included)
Detects acid gases (e.g. hydrochloric acid, nitric acid,)
hydrocyanic acid, carbon monoxide, basic type gases
(e.g. ammonia, butylamine) and nitrous gases (NO & NO2)
8101736 Simultaneous Test Set II ( 3 included)
Detects sulfur dioxide, chlorine, hydrogen sulfide, chlorine,
hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide and phosgene
8101770 Simultaneous Test Set II (4 included)
Detects organics: ketones (e.g. acetone, MEK), aromatics
(e.g. benzene, toluene), alcohols (e.g. methanol, ethanol),
aliphatic hydrocarbons (e.g. n-hexane, n-octane) and
chlorinated hydrocarbons (e.g. perchloroethylene,
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