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Area RAE Plus Gas Monitor
AreaRAE Pro

RAE Systems by Honeywell

Price: $10,640.00
SafeAir Chemical Detection Badges
SafeAir Chemical Detection Badges

Morphix Technologies

Was: $176.71
Sale: $160.65
Edge 5 Noise Dosimeter Quest Technologies, The Edge, The Edge
Edge 5 Noise Dosimeter

3M Detection Solutions

Price: $1,726.00
X-am 2500 Portable Gas Monitor

Was: $636.33
Sale: $578.48
pH Spill Stik Wide Strips Anachemia, PH Wide Strips, 10-3000-31
pH Spill Stik Wide Strips

All Safe Industries

Was: $30.00
Sale: $25.00
4-Gas Mix for RAE (50% LEL, 50ppm CO, 10ppm H2S, 18% O2)

Was: $190.00
Sale: $170.00
identiFINDER R100 Radiation Detector

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GasAlert Extreme Single-Gas Detector
GasAlert Extreme Single-Gas Detector

BW Technologies by Honeywell

Was: $275.00
Sale: $261.25
Oxygen (O2) sensor for MultiRAE and ToxiRAE Pro

Was: $231.00
Sale: $210.00
Accuro Pump
Accuro Pump


Price: $436.00
External 25mm Filter for RAE Systems (100 pack)

Price: $210.00