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X-am 2500 Portable Gas Monitor

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MFG: Draeger
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X-am 2500 Portable Gas Monitor

Draeger's X-am 2500 accurately detects O2, CO, NO2, SO2 and H2S and is the only 1-4 gas monitor you need for a wide range of applications. The X-am 2500 combines reliable sensor technology with long battery life and intuitive operation in an instrument that defines safety. Available with Alkaline batteries or NiMH batteries & Charger.


  • Cell phone size and lightweight for comfort and convenience
  • Simple 2-button control and menu system; LCD is easy to read
  • Fast, powerful XXS sensors with a 3-yr life
  • Cat Ex sensor responds quickly and is highly sensitive to combustible gases/vapors
  • Audible and 360-degree visual alarms
  • Data Logs up to 1000 hrs. with 4 sensors
  • Optional external pump for remote measurement up to 98 ft. available


  • Matrix Display
    • The X-am 2500 has a large, easy to read, liquid-crystal display. All gas readings are shown simultaneously and resize automatically depending on the number of sensors installed. When a gas alarm occurs, the reading for the sensor in alarm will be highlighted and will alternate with the alarm level indication of A1 or A2.
  • Long-Lasting, Reliable Sensor Technology
    • The innovation, catalytic Ex sensor has a high degree of drift stability with a high resistance to silicone and hydrogen sulfide. The sensor boasts an expected service life of more than five years and is extremely sensitive to flammable gases and vapors. Further, the X-am 2500 is approved for measuring, according to IEC/EN 60079-29-1, from methane to nonane.
  • High Capacity Battery
    • The Draeger x-am 2500 can operate for more than 12 hours with either alkaline batteries or with rechargeable NiMH batteries. Depending on the requirements, the batteries can be charged either in the workshop or in a vehicle. Operating time without an Ex sensor installed is typically more than 250 hours.
  • Zone 0 Approved
    • The Draeger X-am 2500 has Ex approval for zone 0 for user safety in areas subject to explosion hazard. Additionally, it is not sensitive to electromagnetic radiation, e.g. from wireless devices and is water and dust resistant in accordance with protection class IP 67.
  • X-Dock Compatibility
    • The X-am 2500 is compatible with Draeger's X-dock testing and calibration station. X-dock is Draeger's new solution for efficient maintenance and comprehensive equipment management. Used for functional testing and complete documentation, X-dock can complete bump tests in 8 to 15 seconds with more than 40 % less gas consumption than competitive instruments. The X-am 2500 is also compatible with the Draeger Bump Test Station.
  • Ergonomic and robust
    • The Draeger X-am 2500 is comfortably worn thanks to its low weight and ergonomic design and gas can enter the unit from above and from the front – even if the instrument is inside a pocket or if the front gas entry is accidentally covered. 
    • The practical two button control panel and easy menu navigation allow for intuitive operation while the integrated protective rubber coating and sensors not sensitive to shock provide additional safety in case of impacts or vibrations.
  • Peak value functionality
    • The X-am 2500 can store the highest gas readings for the Ex and toxic gas sensors and the lowest reading for the O2 sensor. These readings can be easily reset after a gas exposure without having to turn the monitor off and on.

X-am 2500 Portable Gas Monitor

Dimensions (W × H × D): 48 × 130 × 44 mm (1.85" x 5.12" x 1.73")
Weight: 220 – 250 g (8 - 9 oz)
Ambient Conditions Temperature: - 20 to + 50 °C (-4 to 122°F)
Pressure: 700 to 1300 mbar (20.7 to 38.4 inch Hg)
Relative Humidity: 10 to 95 % r.h.
Protection Class: IP 67
Alarms Visual: 360°
Audible: Multi-tone > 90 dB at 30 cm
Vibration: N/A
Operating Times: > 12 h with alkaline and NiMH
>13 h with NiMH HC
> 250 h w/o Ex sensor with alkaline

Charging Times: < 4 h
Datalogger: Retrievable using an infrared interface > 1000 h with 4 gases at a recording interval of 1 value per minute
Approvals ATEX: I M1 Ex ia I Ma
II 1G Ex ia IIC T3 Ga
I M2 Ex d ia I Mb
II 2G Ex d ia IIC T4/T3 Gb
Performance approval to:
EN 50104(2002) + A1 (2004) O2
EN 45544 CO & H2S
EN 60079-29-1:2007 Methane to nonane
EN 50271:2001 Software and documentation
CSA: Class I Div. 1 Group A, B, C, D T.-Code T4/T3
A/Ex ia IIC T3/Ga
A/Ex d ia IIC T4/T3/Gb
IECEx: Ex ia I Ma
Ex ia IIC T3 Ga
Ex d ia I Mb
Ex d ia IIC T4/T3 Gb
CE mark: Electromagnetic Compatibility (Directive 2004/108/EC)
ATEX (Directive 94/9/EC)
MED: Marine Equipment Directive (Directive 96/98/EC)

X-am 2500 Portable Gas Monitor

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