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4-Gas Mix for RAE (50% LEL, 50ppm CO, 10ppm H2S, 18% O2)

This 4-Gas Calibration Mix for newer RAE Systems lines like the QRAE 3, MultiRAE, and AreaRAE Plus/Pro contains 50% LEL Methane (2.5% Vol), 50ppm Carbon Monoxide (CO), 10ppm Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S), 18% Oxygen (O2), Balance Nitrogen (N2) contained in a 34L aluminum cylinder.


  • C-10 Regulator Required
  • Available in a 34L or 58L aluminum cylinder


  • Size: 34L
  • Shelf Life: 12+ months


  • Size: 58L
  • Shelf Life: 12+ months
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