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Panorama CDR 4500

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Panorama CDR 4500

The Draeger CDR 4500 full face mask, combined with our CBRN Cap 1 canister, provides a CBRN approved combination specially developed for use in civil defense and civil protection.


  • Civil defense protection - The full face mask CDR 4500 provides proven protection from harmful gases and particles in the ambient air for civil defense. It is equipped with a centrally located and standard NATO canister connection and can be used with our CBRN Cap 1 canister.
  • Approved in accordance with NIOSH CBRN - The full face mask has an approval in accordance with the NIOSH-CBRN standard in combination with the CBRN Cap 1 canister.
  • Available in various sizes - The full face mask is available in different versions and sizes. The components are designed for the special command in matt black to reduce reflections to a minimum.
  • Continuous high level of wearing comfort - The double sealing frame and the centrally located standard NATO canister connection guarantee a high level of wearing comfort. The safe and free from leakage fit of the CDR 4500 offers a high level of safety to the wearer.
  • Large field of view and anti-scratch coating - The high quality lens with anti-scratch coating ensures a large undistorted field of view and offers improved mechanical & chemical resistance.
  • Good voice communication - The integrated speech diaphragm supports a clear voice communication.
  • Standardised round thread connection - The canister connection is via a centrally located standard NATO Rd40 round thread.

Panorama CDR 4500

Mask as a whole: High chemical resistance according to EN 136, resistance even against warfare agents (to US NIOSH CBRN standard). High ageing resistance
Mask Body: Silicone-free elastomer
Sealing Frame: Double seal with triple sealing line for comfortable, tight fit
Visor: Impact-proof polycarbonate (PC) with anti-scratch coating on both sides for high chemical resistance
Large field of vision and excellent quality of vision
Canister Connection: Standard thread NATO 40 mm
Weight: Approx. 500 g (without canister)
Harness: 5-point (large adjusting points to prevent trapping of hair)
Neck Strap: As Standard
Speech Diaphrag: Stainless steel, high speech quality
Resistance: To US CBRN APR standard against sarin and mustard gas for up
to 8 hours.
Approvals: US NIOSH CBRN standard (TC-14G-0286) also approved to EN 136 Cl. 3, CE mark
Sizing: Universal

Panorama CDR 4500

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