Mesh Cooling Vest

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Mesh Cooling Vest

Get hours of comfortable cooling with vests made with the patented PCM (Phase Change Material) technology from Kappler. Its unique cooling properties keep the body cool, not cold, and therefore do not cause the vasoconstriction frequently seen with other cooling systems. The vest is made of mesh with pouches for inserting sectioned bladders of PCM. The PCM bladders are easily charged (frozen) in ice to 65 F (18 C). Fully loaded, the vest weighs eight pounds (20 kg) and one size fits most.

  • One-size-fits-all (up to 58" chest size) - adjustable sizing allows for a comfortable fit. Cotton vests feature hook & loop closures at shoulders and three 1.5" elastic adjustments on each side; Mesh vests have single side adjustable clip.
  • Lightweight mesh vests easily dons over the head
  • Available as a vest only or with 400 gram or 600 gram cooling packs of PCM (phase change material).
  • Cool gel packs are far superior to traditional circulation or ice pack systems and cause no moisture buildup or vasoconstriction. PCM freezes at an optimum temperature of 65 F (18 C), thawing at a slower rate than ice or lower temperature gels, which translates to a longer cooling duration.
  • Available in blue or tan
  • 1/Cs

Typical Applications:

  • Use where heat stress may be a limiting factor in worker performance.
  • Chemical and remediation workers
  • HazMat response teams
  • Electric, gas, water, and communication workers
  • Airport ground crews
  • Construction and road crews
  • Police, fire, EMS and security personnel
  • Heavy equipment operators

Mesh Cooling Vest

Technical Note:

The cooling duration and effectiveness for each garment is based on many variables such as ambient temperature, individual physiology, and workload. In a worst case scenario, the cooling duration is approximately 1 to 1.5 hours.

Worker heat stress is a major concern because it can slow reaction times, reduce energy, and impair concentration. This can cause reduced safety, decreased efficiency and an overall loss of productivity. In the past, workers dealing with heat stress situations only had a few inefficient options to choose from for their cooling needs. Bulky ice vests and umbilical systems were not only awkward and heavy, but also uncomfortable. One disadvantage of these systems is the cold (320F/00C) temperature, which can cause vasoconstriction. Vasoconstriction occurs when the brain perceives the outside heat when in reality it needs to be releasing heat. This is a critical and even potentially deadly situation.

Kappler Cooling Vest utilizes PCM (phase change material) which freezes at a comfortable 650 F (180C) when fully charged, and actually absorbs heat produced by the body. This allows for comfortable use against the skin without fear of vasoconstriction. Also, the high freezing temperature practically eliminates condensation so the garment stays dry as the PCM packs melt. The PCM packs freeze semi-solid and therefore have flexibility not found in traditional ice vests. With the comfortable temperature and moisture-wicking fabric, Kappler Cooling Vests may be worn without bulky undergarment.

Mesh Cooling Vest

There are no reviews yet.