Chameleon Training Kit Refill

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Chameleon Training Kit Refill

The Chameleon Training Kit, used during training, helps initial responders learn to identify the presence of toxic chemicals through a training Chameleon armband with special inactive cassettes that show the difference between unaffected cassettes and cassettes that read a chemical in the environment.

This training refill kit replenishes the training cassettes and ampoules used in the Chameleon Training Kit.

Refill kit includes:

  • Fifty (50) training cassettes
  • Fifty (50) Ampoules

Chameleon Training Kit Refill

Cassette Shelf Life 24 months at room temperature (except Phosphine which has a 6 month shelf life)
Cassette Service Life 24 Hours
Temperature Range -30° C to 50° C (-22° F to 122° F)
Humidity Range 20 to 100 % RH
  • Salt Water - 1 hour
  • Fresh Water - 1 hour

Chameleon Training Kit Refill

There are no reviews yet.

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