ChemPro100i Handheld Chemical Detector

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ChemPro100i Handheld Chemical Detector

The ChemPro100i is a handheld gas and vapor detector that uses multi-sensor technology to enable field detection and classification of Chemical Warfare Agents (CWA) and selected Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TIC). Plug and play add-on modules like the Radiation Detector Module and the Bio-AssayReader Module expand the detector's capabilities.

The unique open-loop Ion Mobility Spectrometry (IMS) sensor contained in the Chempro100i can "sniff" for hundreds of gases and vapors with high ionization potentials (like chlorine and methanol) that go unseen by most PIDs. Adding a the Radiation Detector Module or the Bio Reader Module gives the Chempro the widest range of detection capability.

The ChemPro100i provides industry-leading sensitivity and false alarm rejection in a portable, easy-to-use form factor. It features an intuitive, graphical user interface with three large menu buttons, which are easy to use even when wearing protective equipment with heavy gloves. Interchangeable Li-Ion batteries can be quickly swapped out with a 6-AA battery pack without the use of any tools.

Environics recommends confidence testing every 90 days or if you think there is an issue with the unit.

Key Features:

  • Widest range of detectable chemicals
  • Simple maintenance
  • Easy to operate
  • Versatility (CWA/TIC)
  • Minimal false alarm rate
  • Add-on modules for Radiological detection (Gamma and X-Ray) and Biological detection (Anthrax, SmallPox, SEB, Yersinia, Tularemia, Botulinum, Ricin Toxin, etc.)


  • Locating leaks and faulty containers
  • Monitoring of industrial sites
  • Chemical safety of harbors and railways
  • Customs and border control
  • Monitoring of mass events and high security
  • meetings
  • Law enforcement agencies
  • Battlefield detection and monitoring
  • CBRN Reconnaissance and surveillance

ChemPro100i Handheld Chemical Detector

Size 9.1" L x 4.0" W x 2.2" H
Weight Approx. 880 g (31 oz) (w/Li-Ion battery)
Sensors Orthogonal detection using:
• Open-loop (aspirated) IMS cell
• Multiple semiconductor sensors
• Temperature, humidity, pressure and
mass flow sensors
Detection Libraries Chemical Warfare Agent/CWA (std)
Optional libraries available
Battery Easily interchangeable Li-Ion rechargeable and alkaline (6xAA) packs
Operating Hours Approx. 8 hours continuous use on rechargeable Li-Ion

Up to 12 hours continuous use on AA batteries
Battery Recharge Time Approx. 5 hours using the standard power supplies. Unit will run and charge simultaneously.

110 – 250 VAC, 50 – 60 Hz ChemPro100
Mains Power Supply (standard)

9.5 – 32 VDC ChemPro100 Vehicle Power Supply (optional)

User Interface Graphical LCD display with white backlight and 3 operation keys
Sampling 1.3 LPM internal pump with continuous airflow
Calibration No calibration is required, but a simple confidence check is recommended before use
Alarm Modes Audible (adjustable up to 85dB) and visual alarms
Temperature -22° to 131°F
Humidity 0-95% non-condensing
Dust & Water Resistance IP67: Dust tight (resists blowing sand MILSTD-810F) and protected against water immersion when inlet is closed
Shock & Vibration Resistance High impact composite case
passes vibration & drop tests

ChemPro100i Handheld Chemical Detector

Standard Accessories Kit Includes:

  • Chempro 100i Chemical Detector
  • Test Tube
  • Filter Set (includes 3 filters)
  • Field Monitoring Cap
  • Mains power Supply
  • Carrying Pouch
  • Transit Case (Pelican™ style) - 13.5" x 12" x 6"
  • Alkaline Battery Pack
  • Quick Reference Guide (English)
  • User Manual (US)
  • Power Cord (US)
  • 5-year Guaranteed Cost of Ownership extended warranty

CBRN Kit Includes:

  • Standard Accessories Kit
  • Upgraded CBRN Transit Case
  • 2nd Li-Ion Battery CP100-LBv1
  • External Battery Charger CP100-BCv1
  • Communication Cable
  • ChemPro Bio-Assay Reader Module (BRM), including communication cable (specify to ChemPro or PC)--ASSAYS SOLD SEPARATELY
  • ChemPro100 Radiation Detector Module (RDM), including communication cable (specify to ChemPro or PC)
  • 5 year Guaranteed Cost of Ownership warranty

CBRN Kit Includes:

  • CBRN Kit minus Radiation Detector Module (RDM)
  • 5 year Guaranteed Cost of Ownership warranty

CBRN Kit Includes:

  • CBRN Kit minus Bio-Assay Reader Module (BRM)
  • 5 year Guaranteed Cost of Ownership warranty

ChemPro w/ 100ID Raman Combo Includes:

  • ChemPro100i w/ Standard Accessory Kit
  • ChemPro 100 Indicator Raman Spectrometer

ChemPro100i Handheld Chemical Detector

Box opening of the ChemPro100i CBRN Kit (P/N E02603000GCO):

Technical introduction to the ChemPro100i:

ChemPro100i Handheld Chemical Detector

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