ENVI Assay System Gold Ricin Toxin Test

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ENVI Assay System Gold Ricin Toxin Test

ENVI Assay System biodefence tests provide military and civil defence officers with a fast, simple and reliable solution for provisional, BWA identification from environmental samples.

Suspicious white powder letters, strange mist spreading in the air, leaking vials with unknown liquids and surfaces or soil to sample – no matter what the type or the form of a biological threat, early detection and BWA identification combined with timely warning, protection and correct medical countermeasures are crucial steps for the whole process of biothreat management

Key Features

  • Sensitive, specific and proven
  • No special training required
  • Unique workbench design
  • High throughput in demanding working conditions


  • Law enforcement agencies
  • CBRN special forces
  • Mail security
  • Private security services
  • Customs and border control
  • Airport security check
  • Mobile laboratories
  • EnviScreen CBRN Monitoring Systems

Tests have a 12-18 month shelf life and comes in a box of 10.

ENVI Assay System Gold Ricin Toxin Test

Package size: 10 single-packed tests/kit
Kit contents:
  • Test cassette (10 pcs)
  • Cotton swab for sampling (10 pcs)
  • Sample vial with buffer solution (10 pcs)
  • Filter cap (10 pcs)
  • Short instructions (10 pcs)
  • Package insert (1 pc)
Detected biological agents: Ricin toxin
Sample type: Air, soil, powders, liquids, surfaces
Response time: 15 -20 minutes
Limits of Detection: Ricin Toxin Test: 5 ng/ml sample buffer
Specificity: No cross-reactivity with 18 – 23 interferants studied e.g. NaCl, talcum,

dry yeast, baking powder, tryptone, powdered creamer, icing sugar,

Turex WP-50, Virkon S, kaolin, bentonite chalk, wheat flour, barley flour,

sample buffer solution, forest soil, Sipernat D 10

ENVI Assay System Gold Ricin Toxin Test

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