EX50Li AC-DC Battery Operated Variable Speed Blower

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EX50Li AC-DC Battery Operated Variable Speed Blower

The EX50Li can be used as a PPV, smoke ejector, or confined space blower. The unit starts instantly on battery power and lasts 50 minutes on max speed or hours on low speed.

Featuring the Intellisense E3 controller, the 2nd Generation RAMFAN EX50Li delivers smarter power management, BMS redundancy, on-tool charging, and PRO//connect compatibility. The unit's intuitive user interface allows for 1, 2, GO operation. Two large, hard-anodized control knobs give users the ultimate in glove-compatible fan control.

Features and Benefits:

  • Swappable 40V Li-Ion Battery Packs can be Charged in 2 hours
  • Euramco Brushless DC Motor
  • Equipped with 2nd generation PowerStream airflow straighteners for flexible positioning, reduced noise inside the structure and a deeper FlowPath through the structure.
  • Integrated LED Flood Lights, to illuminate the entry point of the structure during night operations
  • Wide range tilt adjustment
  • Lightweight, military-grade aluminum alloy frame
  • IIP66 Water Resistant protection that will stand up to powerful water jet
  • Balanced and Rugged frame design allows the EX50Li to be suspended from a door bar for smoke ejection operations.
  • Duct adapter allows for use in confined space rescue operations
  • Other plug options available here: Electric Plugs for Euramco Blowers
  • Rapid PPV setup No worrying about getting the gas powered fan to start up or searching for a power outlet with a corded electric fan
  • Advanced FlowPath control, 0-35° tilt with 5-way positioning to create the ideal unobstructed FlowPath thru a structure

New to the EX50Li 2nd Generation:

  • Intellisense E3 controller
  • Easy Start-Up … 1, 2, GO! controls
  • Large control knobs
  • PowerSense™ Speed Management
    • 2x Battery >> MAX power with ECO mode
    • AC input >> MAX power with ECO mode
    • 1x Battery >> ECO mode to limit discharge current per cell
  • Redundant BMS for maximum reliability
    • Redundant battery protections, on battery packs and fan controller, maximize reliability of your critical tools.
  • On-tool Charging
    • Charge batteries, simultaneously, at 1.5A per pack, without removing from fan.
  • PRO//connect compatibility
    • Plug into your fan for real-time diagnostics and troubleshooting data.

EX50Li AC-DC Battery Operated Variable Speed Blower

Motor 0.9 hp
Runtime at full speed 50 minutes (two battery packs) Unlimited (AC)
Battery Compatibility RAMFAN 40V PRO//connect (2 simultaneously)
IP Rating IP66
Weight 55 lbs
Dimensions (h x w x d) 22” x 21” x 12”
Nominal Diameter 18”
Controller Platform Intellisense E3
On-tool Charging 1.5a per battery, simultaneous charge

EX50Li AC-DC Battery Operated Variable Speed Blower

EL5500: Standard AC-DC Variable Speed Blower, 85-260 VAC, 40 VDC, 18 inch, Plug 5-15P. No batteries included.

EL5500-2PK: Includes the standard EL5500 package plus 2 ea. R2-360-AH-U Batteries & carrying strap.

Zero Downtime Package: RAMFAN’s Zero Downtime package was developed in cooperation with firefighting professionals to provide the maximum “In-Service” performance needed for any mission. Swappable battery packs will deliver “always ready” fans for your team. A well spec’d apparatus electrical system to run a DC battery charger, will maximize the onboard capability, which is extremely valuable for departments with high call frequency. Available with either an AC or DC charger. 

The Zero Downtime Package includes:

  • EL5500 AC-DC variable Speed Blower
  • Truck compartment mount and tiedowns
  • 4 ea Battery Pack, 40v 6Ah for EX50Li
  • R2C-5500 Dual Battery Li-Ion charger (115/240VAC or 12/24 VDC, as specified)

EX50Li AC-DC Battery Operated Variable Speed Blower

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