KIT-A Device 1 Conversion Package

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KIT-A Device 1 Conversion Package

Conversion Package Includes:

(1) Hood 1A3

  • Hood and yoke integrated into one piece allowing for the adjusting of cap screws independently regardless which chain link is attached.
  • Accommodates Cylinders with oversized neckrings.
  • Fits over cylinder with Valve Protective Housing on.
  • Forged steel elbow for added protection of hood relief valve.

(2) Gasket 1BRV

  • Gasket has been modified to decrease possibility of roll-out and to improve overall performance.

(1) Chain & Base Assembly 1EFP1

  • Flat base design allows for more stable, adjustable platform for cylinders to 15″ in diameter.
  • Lighter but stronger chain dramatically lessens weight of entire unit.
  • Provides stable base for all cylinder bottoms.

(1) Instruction Booklets

NOTE: AC13A will not fit inside the pre-1993, steel, Kit box. Box 151-A is available separately.

KIT-A Device 1 Conversion Package

There are no reviews yet.

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