Nextteq NX-1000 Detector Tube Pump

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Item #: NX-1000-1
MFG: Nextteq
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Order Qty: Must order in multiples of 1

Receive a FREE Nextteq Gas Sampling Pump Kit

When you send us a competitor’s detector tube-style gas sampling pump and order the minimum number of boxes of tubes for the pump (10 boxes to receive the NX-1000-130). Select your choice of Nextteq Tubes—over 500 applications! Call 888-972-3389 for more details!

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Nextteq NX-1000 Detector Tube Pump

The Nextteq NX-1000 Gas Sampling Pump can precisely collect the required sample volume for a detector tube inserted in the pump. The sample concentration of the gas or vapor being detected can be read right on location – a grab sample. The red lines on the pump shaft mark exactly when the handle is at the full-stroke (100 mL) and the half stroke (50 mL) positions. When sampling, the handle will click and will be precisely locked at those positions. If you pull the pump handle back fully “n” times (allowing for a sampling time interval between each pump stroke), a total volume of (100 mL) x “n” can be sampled.

Each pump piston has been designed with a smaller diameter contoured grip so that the handle can be pulled back with even less effort. There is no power supply or batteries required. The Nextteq NX-1000 Gas Sampling Pump’s lightweight non-sparking design provides you with advanced superior features including an antibacterial nonskid grip, intrinsically safe design, a hand strap, and a convenient compact size easily carried for field use.

What's Included:

Part Number NX-1000-100 NX-1000-130 NX-1000-150
Nextteq Gas Sampling Pump X X X
Hand Strap X X X
Thermal Ring X X X
1 Lubricant/Grease X X X
2 Rubber Tube Inlets X X X
Manual X X X
Carrying Case X X
Nextteq Handbook X

Nextteq NX-1000 Detector Tube Pump

There are no reviews yet.