Quest Edge 8 Personal Noise Dosimeter — 5 Pack

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Quest Edge 8 Personal Noise Dosimeter — 5 Pack

The TSI Quest Edge 8 Personal Noise Dosimeter is a powerful and intuitive noise dosimeter designed for identifying hearing loss threats and informing the design of Hearing Protection Programs and engineering controls. With its four independent dosimeters, the Edge 8 can be used to simultaneously measure against separate industry standards, all in one compact unit. 

The 5-pack Edge 8 Kit allows for multiple noise dosimeters to quickly be deployed at the jobsite. The 5-bank charger allows all units in the kit to be charged simultaneously, and the carrying case ensures all accessories are kept together and readily available.

The Bluetooth option use the latest BLE5 technology to sync the Quest Edge 8 to the Edge dB mobile app for data viewing and management of the dosimeter at a safe distance from study participants and surrounding hazards.

Since Quest Edge 8 carries intrinsic safety approvals from MSHA, SIRA (ATEX), CSA (US and Canada) and Simtars (IECEx), the instrument may be safely operated in potentially hazardous environments.


  • Ceiling threshold monitoring counts the number of occurrences above a ceiling dB level that you determine, giving you better information about when employees may be at increased risk and need hearing protection device changes
  • 1/1 Octave Band data capture and analysis enables Engineering Control validation and identification of potential changes needed
  • Robust microphone (Type 2/Class 2) and unit design to stand up to use in the toughest environments
  • Pause Study functionality allows for elimination of noise data during breaks, location/shift changes, or off-site travel
  • Hi Visibility Color display for easy reading in different light conditions
  • Four independent, configurable virtual dosimeters that can simultaneously measure against separate standards
  • Custom configuration can be done of each dosimeter in the DMS Software
  • Device can be ordered without Bluetooth for facilities and environments that restrict Bluetooth usage
  • Voice Notes and Audio Recording Functions
  • Configurable auto display shut off for increased battery life
  • Detection Management Software - Configure dosimeter as well as intuitively interpret measurements and generate reports for export and sharing of results

Single unit kit with AC-300 calibrator available here.

Quest Edge 8 Personal Noise Dosimeter — 5 Pack

Battery life 24 hours nominal without display activated
Battery Charge Quick charge in EdgeConnect dock in 2 to 4 hours. Daily data download with simultaneous battery charging recommended for maximum efficiency
Microphone 1/2 inch MEMS field replaceable twist-on microphone
Measuring Range 60dB - 145dB
Dosimeter Four independent dosimeters
Weight 4.16 ounces
Size 4.86 inch x 2.33 inch x 1.26 inch
(123.4 mm x 59.2 mm x 32 mm)
IP Rated 65
Display 128x64 color OLED
Datalogging LAVG or LEQ, Max, Peak and Overload Indication at one minute intervals

Quest Edge 8 Personal Noise Dosimeter — 5 Pack

All Configurations Include:

  • 5 Dosimeters with microphones and windscreens
  • EdgeConnect5, 5-Bay Docking Station
  • EdgeConnect USB Cable
  • EdgeConnect Power Cord
  • 2 Windscreens 5-packs
  • 5-Unit Carry Case
  • 1-Year Warranty

Full Kit w/ Calibrator Adds:

  • AC-300 Calibrator
  • EG7/8 Calibration Adapter

Quest Edge 8 Personal Noise Dosimeter — 5 Pack

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How to Calibrate an Edge Noise Dosimeter Video

How to Download and View Data in DMS from an Edge Noise Study Video

Quest Edge 8 Personal Noise Dosimeter — 5 Pack

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