SafeAir Ozone Detection Badges

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SafeAir Ozone Detection Badges

Ozone is a bluish gas with a pleasant, characteristic odor in concentrations less than 2 ppm. Ozone is used as a disinfectant for air and water. It is also used to bleach waxes, textiles and oils. In higher concentrations, the odor is pungent and irritating. Ozone is a severe irritant to the eyes and the mucous membranes. Long-term exposures to ozone can cause pulmonary edema (abnormal fluid buildup in the lungs) and chronic respiratory disease.

SafeAir Ozone badges provide an immediate visual indication of exposure to ozone. When ozone gas is present, the exclamation mark in the triangular window changes color. The intensity of the color change is proportional to the exposure dose. SafeAir Ozone badges are a simple, cost-effective solution for ozone detection in the workplace.


  • Highly sensitive and selective to target chemical
  • Easy to use
  • Ideal for daily employee screening or leak detection
  • Measures TWA exposure
  • No calibration or laboratory analysis needed

SafeAir Ozone Detection Badges

Physical Specifications
Dimensions 74 mm x 41 mm x 1mm
Weight 1.5 g
Color change Blue to white
Refrigerated shelf life 1 year

Sampling Parameters
Exposure level 0.05 ppm • hr
Minimum detectable limit (8 hours) 0.006 ppm
Maximum recommended sampling time 48 hours
Minimum recommended sampling time 15 minutes
Relative humidity range 30% - 80%
Face velocity range 10 – 150 cm/sec
Temperature range 15°C - 32°C (60°F - 91°F)
Light effect – UV (direct sunlight) not recommended
Light effect – visible no effect
Color stability 4 weeks
Known interferences

Hydrogen peroxide, and nitrogen dioxide up to 1 ppm

SafeAir Ozone Detection Badges

SafeAir Ozone Detection Badges Exposure Sample

SafeAir Ozone Detection Badges

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