SafeAir Phosgene Detection Badges

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SafeAir Phosgene Detection Badges

Phosgene is a colorless, highly toxic gas with an odor resembling moldy hay or newly cut grass. It is used in industry as a precursor chemical to manufacture many everyday products, including various polymers and pharmaceuticals. Inhalation of phosgene may cause choking, coughing and painful breathing. Inhalation of high concentrations may cause delayed-onset severe pulmonary edema (abnormal fluid buildup in the lungs) or pneumonia.

SafeAir Phosgene badges provide an immediate visual indication of exposure to phosgene. When phosgene gas is present, the exclamation mark in the triangular window changes color. The intensity of the color change is proportional to the exposure dose. SafeAir Phosgene badges are a simple, cost-effective solution for phosgene detection.

TDI Color Comparators are available to provide higher resolution and a broader range. The comparator is used to determine phosgene exposure dose by matching the color on the badge to a color on the comparator color wheel. It measures phosgene exposure dose from 0.5 to 450 ppm-min.


  • Highly sensitive and selective to target chemical
  • Easy to use
  • Ideal for daily employee screening or leak detection
  • Measures TWA exposure
  • No calibration or laboratory analysis needed

SafeAir Phosgene Detection Badges

Physical Specifications
Dimensions 74mm x 41mm x 1mm
Weight 1.5 g
Color change yellow to red
Refrigerated shelf life 1 year

Sampling Parameters
Exposure level (Badge) 0.5 ppm • min (8.3 ppb • hr)
Exposure level (Badge with color comparator ext. range)

0.5 - 450 ppm • min

Minimum detectable limit (8 hours) 0.001 ppm
Maximum recommended sampling time 3 days
Minimum recommended sampling time*

1 minute
* Badge responds instantly to phosgene. However, the shortest experimentally quantifiable exposure sampling time is 1 minute.

Relative humidity range 10% - 100%
Face velocity range 5 - 168 cm/sec
Temperature range 12°C - 37°C (55°F - 99°F)
Light effect – UV (direct sunlight)**

no effect
** Extensive exposure to direct sunlight will lead to darkening of the background. This may cause difficulty reading exposures less than 5 ppm • min.

Light effect – visible no effect
Known interferences acyl halides, benzoyl chloride, cyanuric chloride, carbonyl bromide and chloroformates

SafeAir Phosgene Detection Badges

SafeAir Phosgene Detection Badges Exposure Sample

SafeAir Phosgene Detection Badges

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