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OptiFilter XL/OptiFilter Cartridges for OptimAir 6A PAPR

  • Cannot be used w/ PreFilter//Cover Assembly P/N 497098
  • Do not use in atmospheres containing less that 19.5 percent oxygen, or in atmospheres immediately dangerous to life or health
  • Do not wear for protection against organic vapors with poor warning properties or those which generate high heats of reaction with the absorbent material in the cartridge
  • Cannot be used on PAPRs equipped with Tyvek Hood
  • 99.97 percent efficient against 0.3 micron DOP
  • Box of 20

WARNING: An appropriate cartridge change-out schedule must be developed by a qualified professional, unless the cartridge/canister utilizes an end-of-service-life indicator. The change-out schedule must take into account all factors that may influence respiratory protection including specific work practices and other conditions unique to the workers' environment. If using against substances having poor warning properties, there is no secondary means of knowing when to replace the cartridges/canister. In such cases, take appropriate additional precautions to prevent overexposure, which may include a more conservative chang-out schedule or using an air-supplied respirator or SCBA. Failure to follow this warning can result in serious personal injury or death. As a reference, below is a partial list of substances having poor warning properties:

Acrolein Methanol Phosgene
Aniline Methyl Bromide Phosphine
Arsine Methyl Chloride Phosphorus trichloride
Bromine Methylene Chloride Stibine
Carbon Monoxide Nickel carbonyl Urethane or other diisocyanate - containing paints
Diisocyanates Nitric acid Vinyl Chloride
Dimethyl sulfate Nitro Compounds
Hydrogen cyanide Hydrogen selenide
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