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NIMS/ICS Clinic Command Vest Kit - 31 Position

Disaster Management Systems NIMS/ICS Clinic Incident Command Kits incorporate HICS job action sheets and ICS forms into a scalable response tool designed for clinic use. Recognizing the vital position that Community Clinics play in our nation s medical delivery system, these tools have been created to fit the unique needs of our national Community Clinic network.


  •  Command - White Vests
    • Clinic Incident Commander
    • Clinic Public information Officer
    • Clinic Liaison Officer
    • Clinic Safety Officer
    • Clinic Medical/Technical Specialist
  • Operations - Red Vests
    • Clinic Operations Section Chief
    • Clinic Staging Manager
    • Clinic Registration Unit
    • Clinic Mental Health Director
    • Clinic Medical Care Branch Director
    • Clinic Security Branch Director
    • Clinic Triage Unit Leader
    • Clinic Treatment Unit Leader
    • Clinic Immediate Manager
    • Clinic Delayed Manager (Yellow Vest)
    • Clinic Minor Manager (Green Vest)
    • Clinic Morgue Manager (Black Vest)
  • Planning - Blue Vests
    • Clinic Planning Section Chief
    • Clinic Resources Unit Leader
    • Clinic Situation Unit Leader
    • Clinic Patient Tracking
    • Clinic Documentation Unit Leader
  • Logistics - Yellow Vests
    • Clinic Logistics Section Chief
    • Clinic Service Branch Director
    • Clinic Communications Unit
    • Clinic Support Branch Director
    • Clinic Employee Health & Well Being Unit
    • Clinic Labor Pool & Credentialing Unit
  • Finance - Green Vests
    • Clinic Finance Section Chief
    • Clinic Time Unit Leader
    • Clinic Procurement Unit Leader
  • Responsibility Sheets and Pertinent Forms for Each Position with Clipboard and Pen
  • Durable Carry Bag
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