RuptureSeal 2" X 6" Quick Response Spill Seal

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RuptureSeal 2" X 6" Quick Response Spill Seal

The RuptureSeal is a revolutionary new way to safely seal ruptures in tanks, drums, transport vehicles, boats and containers of any size. When confronted with a leak, simply insert the device into a rupture and pull back on the handle to firmly secure the silicone pad in place. Each RuptureSeal may be used for up to ten hours until a permanent fix is available.

The RuptureSeal RS-2X6 is a 2" x 6" rectangular seal, ideal for plugging punctures up to 6" in length. Available in a single pack, 3-pack, or 10-pack.

RuptureSeal Uses:

  • Oil and Chemical Spills
  • Commercial Trucking Vehicles
  • Fire Fighters
  • Pipeline Operators
  • Liquid Storage Areas
  • Railway Tankers
  • Commercial Shipping
  • Recreational Boating

RuptureSeal Safety Information

Rupture Seal 2" X 6" Quick Response Spill Seal

RuptureSeal Instructional Video