Item #: DAT QE3535S

2-Line, 3 or 4 Stage Mass Casualty Decon Shower System 10'W x 15"L x 9'H


  • Approx. 10' W x 15" L x 9' H
  • 150 sq. feet
  • 165 lbs.
  • Undress/ Detergent Shower / Rinse Shower / Redress configuration
  • Decon 2 to 4 ambulatory personnel, 2 non-ambulatory or any combination at one time
  • Each line is 4 ft. undress, 7 ft. detergent/ rinse shower area, 4 ft. redress section
  • Heavy duty patent pending 'QE Series' ?? articulating strut system, corrosion and chemical resistant, carbon composite tubing.
  • Easily deployed without external assistance devices
  • UV/ Chemical resistant and fire retardant canopies
  • No metallic properties/ non-conductive
  • Floor and canopies attached yet removable for ease of cleaning/ repair.

The FSI model DAT QE3535S is a two-line wide (5' W, 5' W), 4 station mass casualty decon shower system which handles two parallel lines of casualties at the same time in four sequential stations --- (1) undress 4 section, (2) detergent shower & (3) rinse shower in a 7 section, (4) redress 4 section 1.2 M/2.13 M/1.2 M. This unit deploys in approx. 3 minutes, and processes 2 or 4 ambulatory personnel at a time, and/or 2 non-ambulatory personnel at one time or any combination.

Undress and redress stations are dry (plumbing is possible and optional); each of the four shower stations include 3 showerheads and one hanging coiled /13 mm hose line with attached multiple function spray nozzle which thoroughly drenches and decontaminates via a fine water mist. There are a total of 4 multiple function spray nozzle guns and 4 sections of 3 shower heads for a total of 16 water discharge ports as standard. Shutoffs and quick disconnects supplied with every group of shower heads and trigger gun. As an option -- by configuring the changing areas on both ends as decon showers one can double the capacity as detailed above.

Wastewater is contained within integral ground floor and 6 (15 cm) high pop up water berm when system is initially set up (holds approx. 200 gallons/800 litres of waste water before pump-out is required).

Includes separate dirty entry and clean full sized exit doors, center divider curtain to separate lines 1 and 2, 6 cross divider curtains, 2 (18mm) High pressure 300 psi (20 bar) GHT threaded inlet hoses other fittings available as specified, reflective air vents at each end.. All canopy walls are velcrod to the floor berms for air lock.

Canopy: Heavy duty 420 denier nylon coated with polyurethane (PVC) on both sides. UV/ Chemical resistant/ fire retardant - UV resistant and water repellent with a hydrostatic resistance of 250 psi + - Mildew resistant to meet and exceed US Fed. Test MIL.STD.810E 508 - Fire resistance meets and exceeds US Fed. Test CFR.1610,NFPA 702 with 'A' burn scale rating

Inner canopy: If applicable - of 100% NYLON 210T ANTRON W/R, POLYURETHANE COATED 57/58", Color: White - Flame Retardant to meet 'NFPA-701 TM-1', Anti-fungus/Anti-mildew, opaque

Floor: PVC coated HD .52 mm polyester

Frame/Hub: Heavy duty pending lattice framework retractable, corrosion resistant, coated, lightweight aluminum tubing. Frame supports 250 lbs. hang weight + -

Frame Dimensions:

  • Width: 45mm
  • Thickness: 1.2 mm
  • Weight: 570 g / m2
  • Tensile strength: 17 Kg / mm2
  • Tear strength: 10 Kg/ mm2

QE SERIES Quick Erect General Set up and Tear down Instructions:

  • All parts are pre-assembled with no special tools required. All components are of interconnected scissor type connected expansion frame components.
  • To Quick Erect simply have 2-4 support personnel grip side frame on each side. Pull the width support frames slowly and then ease roof frame upwards with the push poles until locked in place. Check and final position canopy and floor. Commence use.
Standard color is EMS Blue exterior w. high visibility white inside color. Green, White, and Tan/Sand exterior canopy color also available at no extra cost. Other colors available P.O.A.