Civil Defense Simultest Kit (CDS) w/ Accuro Pump

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Civil Defense Simultest Kit (CDS) w/ Accuro Pump

Are you prepared to respond to a terrorist attack involving chemical weapons? In today's political environment, immediate and accurate detection of toxic chemical agents is crucial. Draeger has developed a unique and important new detection system containing specialized sets that detect up to five different chemical agents simultaneously and in just five minutes.

The Draeger Civil Defense Simultest Sets(CDS) utilize colorimetric Draeger detector tubes, the same tube chemistry used by NATO for many years in single detector tubes. Aberdeen Proving Ground tested various detector tubes for nerve and blister agents and the Draeger-Tubes performed well in all tests with consistent results. The gases they used for interference challenges did not affect the Draeger-Tubes performance. The Draeger CDS Kit provides two CDS sets for detection of eight chemical substances,including nerve, blood and lung, nose and throat irritating agents.


  • Low cost compared to spectroscopic devices
  • No power supply required for manual pump
  • On-the-spot results in five minutes
  • No warm-up time
  • No calibration
  • Minimal training, training sets available
  • Simple operation
  • No filters to replace

Complete Kit Includes;

  • CDS Set I - 5 each
  • CDS Set V - 5 each
  • Accuro Pumps - 2 each
  • Simultest Extension Hoses Accuro - 2 each
  • Simultest Set Openers - 2 each
  • Accuro Spare Parts
  • Laminated Instruction Cards
  • Pelican Case

Civil Defense Simultest Kit (CDS) w/ Accuro Pump

Hydrocyanic Acid Hydrocyanic Acid 1 ppm
Phosgene Phosgene 0,2 ppm
Lewisite Org. Arsenic Compounds
and Arsine
3 mg/m3 (arsenic)
0,1 ppm (Arsine)
N-Mustard Org. Basic Nitrogen Compounds 1 mg/ m3
S-Mustard Thioether 1 mg/m3
Nerve Agents Phosphoric Acid Esters 0,025 ppm
Phosgene Phosgene 0,2 ppm
Cyanogen Chloride Cyanogen Chloride 0,25 ppm
Chlorine Chlorine 0,2 ppm
S-Mustard Thioether 1 mg/m3

Civil Defense Simultest Kit (CDS) w/ Accuro Pump

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