Dragersorb 400 18kg

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Dragersorb 400 18kg

Drägersorb 400 has been specially designed for the absorption of CO2 in closed-circuit breathing apparatus which significantly contributes to long-term performance capabilities, especially under the likely conditions of use for the Draeger PSS BG 4 Plus.

Drägersorb 400 is characterized by a very high abrasion resistance and can, therefore, be used in the apparatus for 6 months, or up to 500 km when stored in the vehicle.


  • The large inner active surface ensures a high CO2 absorption capacity.
  • High abrasion resistance ensures reduced generation of dust.
  • An even filling of the adsorbent cartridge enables reproducible absorption results.
  • Due to the hemispherical pellet form and the uniform packing density, Drägersorb® 400 provides low breathing resistance during use.

Dragersorb 400 18kg

Composition Calcium hydroxide, alkali hydroxide, water
Shape: Hemispherical pellet
Grain Size: Ø approx. 4 mm
ISO 3310, 2-4 mm
ASTM E11, 5 to 10 No
Water Content: (16 +/- 2)%
Density: (830 +/- 100) g/L
CO2 Absorption Capacity: Depending on the operational parameters
and the absorption system
Storage Temperature: - 30° C to + 50° C
Indicator: No color indicator
Weight: 18 kg
Dimensions (L x W x H rounded): 290 mm x 270 mm x 450 mm
Shelf Life: 5 years

Dragersorb 400 18kg

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