Draeger PSS BG-4 Plus

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Draeger PSS BG-4 Plus

PSS BG-4, 4-hour Positive Pressure Closed Circuit Breathing Apparatus with Sentinel II, USA, Complete w/ Mask, LW Carbon Cylinder and Valve and Black Pelican Case

Specially designed for demanding tasks: the Draeger PSS BG4 Plus closed circuit breathing apparatus combines uncompromising safety with outstanding respiratory protection and wearer comfort. Innovative in design, it provides the wearer with up to four hours of breathing air in toxic environments.

  • Breathing air for up to 4 hours
  • Highest breathing comfort and an integrated cooling system
  • Ergonomically shaped carrying plate
  • Reduced exposure from a well balanced system
  • Improved harness and intelligent breathing hose routing for excellent freedom of movement


  • Draeger PSS BG 4 plus: Whenever emergency teams are saving lives or extinguishing fires, above or below the ground, the Draeger PSS BG 4 plus comes into its own. Whether used during rescue or fire fighting missions in mines, tunnels or underground train ducts, or in assignments with long access routes, the closed-circuit breathing apparatus is the first choice. More than 25,000 professional users rely on the Draeger PSS BG 4 worldwide.
  • Optimized in conjunction with our customers: Our products must meet the precise needs of the user and, for this reason, we involve our customers in the development process. Modifications to the proven Draeger PSS BG 4 are the result of practical experience and constant monitoring to ensure the highest quality standards. We listened to our customers and implemented their requirements in the new Draeger PSS BG 4 plus. Numerous improvements and new accessories have increased safety and durability and further improved the ease of servicing. The modifications are available individually or a as a practical retrofit set upon request.
  • Excellent suitability for extended use: The slight positive pressure breathing circuit protects the wearer by preventing hazardous substances from entering the sealed breathing system. Depending on the application, the duration of use is up to four hours. A CO2 absorber removes carbon dioxide from the exhaled air. At the same time the breathing air is enriched with oxygen from the oxygen cylinder. Before the regenerated breathing air is inhaled again it flows through the breathing air cooler.
  • Product enhancements: Both the minimum valve, which enriches the breathing air with additional oxygen upon demand, and its attachment clip have been treated with a special coating to protect against corrosion. A redesigned clip simplifies the fitting of the valve. The area around the pressure reducer has been reinforced and additional reinforcement protects the carrying plate, providing greater stability when handling the unit complete with oxygen cylinder. To reduce the temperature of the inhaled air and minimise physical stress to the wearer, the breathing air cooler can be filled with ice.
  • Practice-oriented innovations: Newly developed heat protection for the breathing hose and housing are also optionally available to further reduce the temperature of the inhaled air. A T-piece with water trap can be retrofitted to the facemask to prevent water from collecting in the flow area of the device. Any liquid discharged into the breathing circuit from the drain valve is optionally collected in a super absorbent fleece. The fleece is designed for single use and is easily disposed.
  • Cooler breathing air without ice: An alternative cooler which requires no ice and makes separate cooling logistics obsolete is also available. Reactivated after only 5 hours, the cooler offers unlimited use and is easily retrofitted. An improved spring clip ensures its safe attachment.
  • Simple CO2 disposal: Complete with integral dust filter, the flow-sensitive CO2 absorber is available as either a single-use absorber or refillable cartridge. Fitted with a newly designed spring clip, the CO2 absorber offers increased spring durability. The position and size of the breathing hose connectors have also been optimized for easier handling during assembly. For hygienic storage the single-use absorbers are available in a sealed bag.
  • Proven wearer comfort: The ergonomically shaped carrying plate, the low weight and the proven harness with adjustable shoulder straps and easy to use "pull-forward" design provide more freedom of movement with less effort. The practical breathing hose routing across the shoulders ensures optimum balance on the wearer�s back.
  • Perfect respiratory protection monitoring: The data captured by the Draeger Sentinel II electronic monitoring unit can be transmitted to Dr�ger PSS Merlin telemetry boards. This electronic monitoring and communications system displays Sentinel data for each of the wearers who are logged on. As a result, entry control personnel are able to view the current status of each of the device wearers and can respond immediately to an emergency.
  • All functions upon a glance: The Dr�ger PSS BG 4 plus is equipped with the Draeger Sentinel II fully electronic signal and warning unit. Controlled via large pushbuttons, it combines a multitude of functions. During use it quickly provides the wearer with important information, thereby reducing the risk potential. Using battery warning thresholds the Draeger Sentinal II reliably indicates current operational status.

    Monitoring functions:
    • Cylinder pressure (analog and digital)
    • Remaining duration of use (time remaining until residual pressure warning)
    • Temperature indication upon the press of a button
    • Automatic recording of all mission data Optical and acoustic warning signals
    • Residual pressure warning
    • Two additional selectable electronic alarm thresholds
    • Automatic alarm for lack of movement
    • Manual emergency call alarm

    Optical and acoustic warning signals:
    • Residual pressure warning
    • Two additional selectable electronic alarm thresholds
    • Automatic alarm for lack of movement
    • Manual emergency call alarm

Draeger PSS BG-4 Plus

Duration of Use: 4 h according to EN 145 and NIOSH
Weight, ready for use (kg / pound): 15,5 kg / 34.17 pounds (incl. mask, full oxygen cylinder (aluminum), CO2 absorber and approx. 1,2 kg / 2.65 pound cooling ice.)
Dimensions (H x W x D): 595 x 450 x 185 mm
23.43 x 17.72 x 7.28 inches
Constant Oxygen Metering (l/min O2): 1.5 to 1.9
Minimum Valve (l/min O2): >80
Breathing Bag Volume (l): 5,5
Bypass Valve (l/min): > 50
Operating Temperatures: -40�C / -40�F to +90�C / +194�F
(if stored at room temperature)
Approvals: EN 145
Ex protection according to EN 50020
Eex IIC T4
Eex ial and NIOSH

Draeger PSS BG-4 Plus

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