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SkyGrip Systems for Concrete Applications

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SkyGrip Systems for Concrete Applications

Maximum Gripping Power

The Miller SkyGrip™ HLL Cable Systems are designed for easy installation on steel or concrete applications. A variety of innovative features have been engineered into these new systems, making them extremely user friendly with enhanced safety considerations.

  • Engineered and safety by experts in the industry that understand fall forces and system design
  • Compact & lightweight — provides for easier handling, installation and storage
  • Above-the-beam adjustment — patent-pending design allows for easy one-person installation and dismantle, increasing safety and productivity
  • Continuous pass-through design — 100% tie-off connection with multi-span systems
  • Stanchions also serve as single-point anchorages
  • Single-span systems (no intermediate stanchions) up to 60-ft.; multiple-span systems up to 300-ft.
  • Tension indicator — proper tensioning of system ensures accurate fall clearance requirements
  • Interchangeable bases between steel and concrete applications — modular design maximizes investment and increases versatility
  • Durable zinc-plated steel construction — corrosion resistant for increased durability and longer service life
  • Compact, stainless steel Miller SkyGrip energy absorber engineered to keep system forces consistent during a fall - minimizes fall clearance and maintains low system forces up to 6 workers on systems for steel and up to 5 workers on systems for concrete (max. 2 workers per span)

Miller SkyGrip™ Systems for Concrete Applications

The Miller SkyGrip Temporary Horizontal Lifeline Systems for concrete applications feature unique stanchion adjustment that allows the anchorage to be re-positioned, minimizing obstruction and increasing safety.

  • Uniquely designed for angled adjustment — swings out of the way when placing deck-pans between beams (common in bridge construction)
  • Slider bracket tensions tie-back chain to minimize fall clearance
  • For concrete applications, bases can be positioned parallel or perpendicular to the beam
  • Call to check lead time.

*This item is not available for expedited shipping. Typically ships within 2 weeks.

SkyGrip Systems for Concrete Applications

Attach to rebar, coil inserts or concrete expansion bolts. Complete system includes stanchions, tie-back brackets, chain connectors, slider brackets, energy absorbers(s), line tension indicator, turnbuckle, cable and hardware.

Item Number Descr. Number of Stanchions Pass-through Brackets* # of energy absorbers Workers per System
SGC/30FT 30ft. system 2 No 1 2
SGC/60FT 60 ft. system 2 No 1 2
SGC/120FT 120 ft. system 3 1 2 4
SGC/180FT 180 ft. system 4 2 2 5
SGC/240FT 240 ft. system 5 3 2 5
SGC/300FT 300 ft. system 6 4 2 5

*for intermediate stanchions

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SkyGrip Systems for Concrete Applications

There are no reviews yet.

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