Blackline Safety Location Beacon

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Blackline Safety Location Beacon

The Location Beacon for Blackline Safety instruments augments location transmissions where GPS alone may not be sufficient. Installed inside and around facilities, beacon transmits location signals for proximity detection with a Blackline safety monitoring device.

The beacon works together with optional floor and site plans that are uploaded into the Blackline Live portal by mapping an employee’s location in context of their surroundings and delivering comprehensive situational awareness in and around complex facilities. In addition, the location beacon provides a configurable power-level that accommodates different positioning resolution needs.

Each beacon broadcasts a unique identity number that is received by Blackline Safety’s monitoring devices, including G7c/G7x, Loner M6/Loner M6i, Loner 900, Loner SMD and Loner IS+. When personnel are within proximity of beacons, monitoring devices store the nearby beacon identities and reports their location to Blackline Live.


  • Intrinsically safe
  • Precise location technology
  • Floor plans and location names
  • Long battery life
  • IP65 sealed
  • Easy setup
  • Compact design

Blackline Safety Location Beacon

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Dimensions: Size: 161 mm H x 40 mm W x 32 mm D (6.4” x 1.6” x 1.3”)
Weight: Weight: 210 g (7.4 oz)
Mounting: Mounting bracket included
Mounting methods: screws, tie straps, adhesive
Mounting options: walls, wall corners, poles, etc.
Buttons & Indicator Lights: Single button for powering on/off plus configuration Green LED for power indication and configuration Red LED for low battery indication
Wireless Communication: Indoor positioning radio: 2.4 GHz to supported Loner safety monitoring devices
Location Technology: Low-power continuous beacon signal enables Loner safety monitoring device proximity detection.
Beacon Signal Range: Four configurable signal range levels between 4.5 m and 36 m (15 ft and 120 ft) line of sight (less range when obstructed)
Notification Messages: Low Battery communicated by Loner safety monitoring devices
Power & Battery: Green SureSafe light
Yellow top and front lights
Red top and front lights
Blue LiveResponse top and front lights
Audible: ~90 dB @ 10 cm
Speakerphone and phone modes
Environmental: Storage temperature: -40 to 65° C (-40 to 149° F)
Operating temperature: -20 to 55° C (-4 to 131° F)
Ingress Protection: IP65
Device Requirements: Loner Portal user account with activated, compatible Loner safety monitoring devices
Warranty: One year limited factory warranty
Wireless Coverage and Activated Service Plans: 2.4 GHz operation regions: global
Service plan options: no service plan required
Blackline Live Web Application: Features Include: Beacon map editor, alarm banner, event history, device location mapping, device management, alert & notification settings and more Comprehensive safety alert life cycle management: includes alert configuration profiles, safety protocol, and emergency contacts

Blackline Safety Location Beacon

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