G7 Dock Bump Test and Calibration Station

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G7 Dock Bump Test and Calibration Station

The G7 Dock for the G7c and G7x gas  detectors helps keep devices fully compliant according to business calibration and bump test policies. Managing calibrations, bump tests and device updates is easy — simply insert G7, and the dock will do the rest. It automatically charges the device and places it into a test-ready mode to eliminate false alerts.

The dock’s simple design leverages G7’s LCD screen, menus and navigation system. Calibrations and bump tests are straightforward, performed by placing G7 into the dock and closing the lid. If a device is due for a bump or calibration, it will automatically perform the required test action when dock’s lid is closed.

Up to five G7 Docks can be joined together to perform test functions across all connected devices. Multiple docks can be connected to a single gas cylinder. One gas cylinder is able to support five docks at one time.

G7 Dock doesn’t require an internet connection and it doesn’t need to be connected to the Blackline Safety Network to perform calibrations or bump tests. All data is communicated through connected G7 devices via cellular or satellite networks.


  • Over-the-air configuration updates
  • Manage all dock configurations through Blackline Live web portal
  • Automatic bump tests
  • Automatic calibrations
  • Dock usage reports via Blackline Live
  • Gas usage reports via Blackline Live
  • Doubles as a convenient charging station for G7 devices (Standard, Single-gas and Quad-gas)

G7 Dock Bump Test and Calibration Station

There are no reviews yet.

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