OUR Claw Hazmat Test Paper Card

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OUR Claw Hazmat Test Paper Card

OUR Claw was designed to help hazmat technicians interpret results from reagent paper strips in the hot zone and directly communicate these to the entry supervisor. Using the OUR Claw helps to eliminate the age old “the second paper from the right just turned green” confusion.

The OUR Claw has dippable fingers to allow a specific test to be performed on a long neck container without cross contamination to the other reagent paper strips. Metal clips allow both a buffered and dry reagent strip to be attached to a finger if desired.

The OUR Claw is available in a standard 4-finger model  for M8, Oxidizer, pH, and Flouride tests as well as a 5-finger model, which adds a water test. The optional stretchable wrist strap and carabiner allow for hands-free operation.


  • Metal clips make it easy to attach and detach multiple reagent paper strips in the field
  • Appropriately sized to be taken into the hot zone and be “readable” for the haz mat technician
  • Uses reagent paper strips to detect chemicals
  • Reagent paper strips can be folded over and compared to gradient color charts (pH)
  • OUR Claw is reusable
  • Dippable legs allow a sample to be obtained from a long neck container
  • Test paper is not included

OUR Claw Hazmat Test Paper Card

Detection methodology Fluoride, pH, K, M8
Material 5 mm laminate
Size 4” x 10”
OUR ClawTM Reusable
Shelf Life (papers) 18 months

OUR Claw Hazmat Test Paper Card

OUR Claw Information:

Our Claw in Action:

OUR Claw Hazmat Test Paper Card

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