ZMac Hazmat Chemical Test Paper Card

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ZMac Hazmat Chemical Test Paper Card

The ZMac Card combines inexpensive detection methodology (chemical test papers) with useful information needed to form a risk based decision response or action plan.

The “viewable” chemical test paper window allows the user to see a color change that is framed with useful hazard information. Select information from the Emergency Response Guidebook and NIOSH Pocket Guide to Chemical Hazards has been added to each specific chemical section.

  • Appropriately sized to fit onto an Emergency Response Guidebook (ERG)
  • ZMac Card uses a customizable set of 8 reagent papers to arm specific industries and professions for the hazards they may face – contact In Our Gear LLC for a complete list
  • Color coded sides of the ZMac Card (RED = HAZARD SIDE ,WHITE = USER SIDE) make it easy to use to detect hazards in different situations (drips verses puddles)
  • Pertinent information is provided for each chemical or class of chemical
  • Expiration date visible on card
  • One time use, once clear protective cover has been removed
  • Easy to use thumb tab allows card to be accessed and stored easily
  • Shelf Life: 2 Years

ZMac Hazmat Chemical Test Paper Card

Detection methodology Chemical test reagent paper
Prepackaged paper kit Chlorine, pH, Fluoride, Nerve, Oxidizer, Hydrocarbon, Sulfide, Copper based pesticides
Storage before use Room temperature
Material 5 mm laminate
Sensitivity Test paper specific
Size 5” x 7”

Chemical Test Paper Specifications

Chemical Detection Name on Card Detects Sensitivity (color change) Cross Sensitivities
Fluoride Free fluoride ions and gaseous Hydrogen fluoride 20 ppm Bromates, Chlorates and Sulphates
Hydrocarbons Petroleum ether, Gasoline, Fuel Oil and Lubricating oil Petroleum ether – 250 ppm, Gasoline – 10ppm, Fuel Oil = 5 ppm, Lubricating oil – 1 ppm None noted
pH % of hydrogen and hydroxide ions (Acids and Base) Scale printed on card Color of liquid may impact the reading
Chlorine Free chlorine 1 ppm Bromine, Iodine, Nitrous acid
Nerve Liquid G: Nerve, V:Nerve, H: Blister .02 ml of neat CWA’s None noted
Copper Copper based pesticides 3-5 ppm None noted
Sulfide Hydrogen Sulphide and Sulphide ions 5 ppm None noted
Oxidizer Nitrite 1 ppm Chlorine

ZMac Hazmat Chemical Test Paper Card

ZMac Hazmat Chemical Test Paper Card

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