PSS 7000 w/ Sentinel 7000 (NFPA 2013 Edition)

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PSS 7000 w/ Sentinel 7000 (NFPA 2013 Edition)

Before you can protect the lives of others, you have to protect yourself. The Draeger PSS 7000 SCBA breathing apparatus provides unmatched comfort, durability and safety in the harshest environments. The ergonomic PSS 7000 combines trusted pneumatics, flexible fit, and quick cylinder connection—freeing you to concentrate on the task at hand.

Built to satisfy the most rigorous demands

The Draeger PSS 7000 SCBA and Dräger Sentinel monitoring systems have been developed over the years based on feedback from firefighters throughout North America. As a result, the Draeger PSS 7000 is not only state-of-the-art, but it has also been proven to satisfy the most rigorous demands of first responders. The following are key features that distinguish the Draeger PSS 7000 from other SCBAs in the marketplace.

Innovative harness system provides unmatched comfort and durability

Draeger SCBAs are designed with a lower center of gravity to increase stability and balance, allowing you to work more effectively with less fatigue. The PSS 7000 has an adjustable harness suspension system that provides the ultimate in comfort and extended wear. Durable webbing and advanced compression-molded comfort padding offer up to 6.5 x higher abrasion resistance than traditional padding. The material is easy to clean and disinfect, and is highly resistant to chemical and mechanical damage.

The harness has a high-grip, anti-slip inner surface that stays securely in place-without a chest strap or having to over-tighten the shoulder straps. Cooling channels in the shoulder straps and waist belt reduce the likelihood of compression burns. A stainless steel harness-friction buckle makes the SCBA fast and easy to don and doff.

Ergonomic 3-position backplate allows freedom of movement

The Draeger PSS 7000 was designed to move with you-allowing unrestricted movement as you walk, crawl or climb. The backplate automatically lengthens and pivots to mirror your movements. The unique self-adjusting and pivoting waist belt keeps the SCBA on your hips when you reach and prevents your coat from riding up.

To reduce back strain, the weight of the harness is designed to ride on your hips. The 3-position carbon fiber composite backplate adjusts to comfortably fit different torso lengths.

A slide-and-lock harness mechanism allows the harness and waist belt to be connected or removed from the backplate quickly-without tools. To minimize the risk of snagging or damage, supply hoses are integrated neatly into the backplate.

Rapid, secure cylinder change-outs save precious time

The PSS 7000 has a lock-and-load system that lets you securely change out cylinders quickly. A proven quarterturn adapter allows you to quickly and easily attach the cylinder to the reducer-saving time compared to conventional threaded reducer hand wheel and cylinder connections. The quick connect features a safety interlock system which prevents disconnection at pressures above 70 psi (approx.) and enables you to reenter the action more quickly and allows for mutual cylinder aid or exchange-regardless of what SCBA is used.

A choice of integrated safety systems to monitor air supply

At Draeger, we understand that your department has specific requirements and budgets. Our modular Sentinel electronic monitoring systems provide you with options to satisfy the needs of any department.

Housed in impact-resistant, water-resistant casings, Draeger monitoring systems demonstrate excellent repeatability and reliability in laboratory and field testing.

Each Draeger SCBA can be outfitted with a monitoring system that features:

  • A PASS device
  • Visual and audible warnings and alarms A streamlined design that reduces snag points
  • Intuitive push-button operation for ease of use
  • Configurable settings to suit individual preferences
  • Data logging for improved post-incident analysis

Draeger Sentinel 7000-Real-time monitoring of key indicators

Incorporating a centralized power supply and pressure sensor module within the backplate, the robust system combines maximum component protection with balanced weight distribution for reduced physical stress.

An electronic gauge provides real-time monitoring of essential information, including:

  • Accurate, continuously updated digital display of pressure and time to EOSTI activation (time based on dynamic breathing rate)
  • Battery status display
  • 360° visual and audible alarms triggered when PASS is activated
  • Automatic self-tests and system tests
  • Enhanced data logging with personal ID

PSS 7000 w/ Sentinel 7000 (NFPA 2013 Edition)

Weight w/empty 45-min cylinder: 25.6 lbs
Input pressure: 2,216–4,500 psi
Nominal 1st stage output pressure: 108 psi
1st stage output flow: >1,000 (L/min)
LDV output flow: >500 (L/min)
Whistle activation pressure: 731–1,485 psi
Whistle sound level: >90 dBa
ADSU main alarm: >95 dBa
Approvals: NFPA 1981 & 1982-2013 Edition

PSS 7000 w/ Sentinel 7000 (NFPA 2013 Edition)

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