New RKI GX-3R & GX-3R Pro Training Video

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The GX-3R and GX-3R Pro are personal multi-gas detectors from RKI with a compact form factor and the ability to run an external pump for confined space or other applications. The GX-3R is a basic 4-gas detector while the GX-3R Pro can be configured to measure up to 5 gases with a wide variety of sensor options.

In our latest video, All Safe Industries founder and president, Steve Haise, gives a functional overview of the two meters and addresses important topics, like bump tests and calibrations. He also demonstrates the Bluetooth functionality of the GX-3R Pro and the RKI Link phone app.

inCase Calibration is All Safe's exclusive line of gas detection kits. These kits are fully functional gas detection systems that include inCase Charging, inCase Storage, and inCase Calibration. We believe our kits to be the best way to keep your gas detection charged up and ready to go.

In addition to our training videos, All Safe Industries offers on-site and virtual training for RKI instruments as well as many other gas detection brands. For more information, visit this link or give us a call to request training and see how we can best serve you.

Products Featured in the Video


GX-3R Pro:

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